Feng Shui for the Living and Dining Room

Feng Shui for the Living and Dining Room


The living room and dining room are essentials when learning how to feng shui. Do not let these power spots be out of harmony. 

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The living and dining rooms are the center of homes. It is here that people come to congregate, share great food, laugh and feel at peace. Far too often these rooms are out of harmony with the overall intention of the people living in it. In this video you will learn how to create a space that allows you to shine and boom into life. After all, our home is us.  Why not boom?

Run time: 31 minutes

Usage: This video comes with a full meditation. The purpose of the meditation is to fully engage in the space while letting go. I think it incredibly important to listen to the meditation before proceeding on. After listening to the meditation, take your time and let the feeling sink in. Don't worry if there are thoughts while meditating. It is normal. Let them come in like a wave and out like a wave. As for the main part of the video, it is meant to be rewatched several times. This isn't a one and done thing. Each minute holds a lot of info so take your time and have fun. Time to choose magic.