I am absolutely thrilled with Bryce’s Feng Shui service. He came to my office and performed the necessary calculations and then discussed exactly what needed to be done to enhance the space. Within a week of implementing the remedies, I noticed a significant increase in business. I also noticed that I felt more connected to the space, which is empowering. Bryce has a genuine talent for this art. His intuition, knowledge, and professional demeanor made me feel confident about the process. I highly and enthusiastically recommend him!

— Paul K Alexander, Doctor of Acupuncture
I have had the pleasure of knowing Bryce for years as a confidant and as a counselor. I have been led through guided meditations with Bryce that never fail to open my mind and reinvigorate my soul. His Feng Shui of my office transformed the flow of the space and has made it more inviting for my patients, more positive for their care. As an evidence-based physician, rooted in skepticism, it is refreshing to be guided by Bryce who is as rooted and relatable as they come. It is not often that you come across someone so in tune with your truth without judgement, so in sync with the energy that surrounds us without wading into the deep end. He has made me a believer. In myself. Bryce is not just a spiritual guide or Feng Shui master, rather a catalyst for your transition to a better you.
— Shounuck I. Patel, DO
Recently I had the opportunity to explore some new meditation techniques with Bryce. He awakened a spirituality inside me to which I never previously had access. As my career requires me to carry a busy professional schedule, I did not give enough time or attention to my spiritual self. Bryce was able to successfully evaluate and identify meditation techniques that help awaken my soul and heighten my spirituality beyond a place I knew was possible. This heightened spirituality continues to help me lead a happier, more fulfilling lifestyle, even when being inundated by emails, cell phones, and deadlines.

Further, Bryce identified that my apartment desperately needed spiritual cleansing and enhancements. My space felt unsettled, not anything like what I might call “home”. He utilized his Feng Shui training to add vibrance and health to an otherwise stagnant space. I now love relaxing and shedding the worries of the day in my newly designed space. His designs provided a calming, settling atmosphere that aids in relaxing the mind.

I highly recommend Bryce for spiritual consultation and Feng Shui design, especially for men and women who are too busy in their normal day-to-day to know where to begin or help themselves.
— Brad Smoyer, Medical Plastics
Before I started working with Bryce, my inner and outer life was a big, hot mess. I was living from a place of fear, anxiety, and struggle. Through several deep energy healing sessions, Bryce has helped me reconnect to my power and with the core of who and what I am. His support and the work we’ve done together has started me down the path of living true to my purpose and true self. I am taking new risks in life & love, I am overcoming obstacles, and I am opening up to love and living fully in new and powerful ways. Bryce has a incredible intuitive sense of exactly what I need. I trust him completely, and I always leave our sessions renewed and empowered. Thank you, Bryce!
— Kristin Jensen, Opera Singer, Actress
Bryce is gifted, passionate, funny, and extremely personable, but most importantly - Bryce is a fighter. And, he will fight for you. Whether you’re struggling to rid yourself of past negative emotions and patterns of thought, or seeking a life change but the path’s unclear, whatever the struggle whatever doubts, Bryce will face them with you and help move you forward. Before starting this work with Bryce, I loved the thought of taking a spiritual approach to healing with energy work and connecting with the universe, but to be honest, part of me didn’t fully embrace it. That changed the moment I had my first one-on-one session with Bryce. Self-awareness and self-love are just two of the many self-discoveries you will make if you choose to take this spiritual journey with Bryce. Learning about yourself and learning to love yourself creates the necessary foundation for the change you seek - even if you are unsure of what that change is. If you have even the slightest interest in finding out exactly what it is that Bryce offers - that’s your intuition talking to you - listen to it - call him up - you’ll be hooked!
— Carly Stipancic- Sassy Pants Marketing, Founder
I can’t thank Bryce enough for introducing me to the art and practice of energy healing. After years of experimenting with different methods of meditation, therapy, and even religion, I have finally found a practice which has given me internal peace. Working with Bryce I have gained a once lost inner strength while finding a deeper meaning and love for life again. Thank you Bryce
— Nicholas Bucci- American Express, Financial Executive
Bryce is my spiritual guru, my counselor, and friend. The guided meditation work has been incredibly powerful to heal past hurts/pain and find a deeper peace in the present moment. His passion for helping others shows, and you are great at what you do. I am grateful to know you and experience your energy & wisdom!
— Emily Cook Harris- Founder & Head trainer of EMpowered, http://empowerednyc.com/
If I would’ve gone through what I’m going through now last year before I knew Bryce I would’ve turned to the same things I used to for validation or a quick fix of leaning on others to feel better but now I’m braver, I can be with my self in these hard moments because now I trust, now I believe that these hard moments are temporary and they just bring us to the best and most powerful part of us. Bryce is a friend, a companion, he is not afraid to tell you the truth, to help you self reflect in the most authentic form. I am so much more connected to my core and I am able to be with myself even in the hardest moments. This work is essential to self evolution.
— Natasha Waisfeld- Dancer/Film Maker/Actress
Working with Bryce has literally been a life changing experience, but for real. The person I’ve always wanted to be is coming to fruition thanks to his guidance. The combo of self-love, acceptance and therapy all taking place at the spiritual gym with Muhammad Ali as your trainer is exactly what I needed to believe in myself like never before. And I know this is only the beginning!
— Bree Swartz- National Speaker for Girls Fight Back, http://www.girlsfightback.com/
Bryce is an incredibly intuitive human being (which is probably what also makes him such an incredible actor) and makes him such a luminary in terms of not only healing, but in understanding each individual that he works with. I have experienced working with Bryce and energy healing in a group and non-group environment and have experienced some pretty wild things. I will never forget the time that Bryce and I worked one on one and as he asked my permission to let the energy flow down through the top of my head, the candle next to us got increasingly brighter. You had to be there to experience the incredulity of what was happening but it was at that moment that my senses confirmed for me what I had known for the passed two years. Bryce is magic. He is incredibly easy to talk to which makes the whole process of getting to know yourself, bettering yourself, dealing with your pain and emotions that much easier. I owe a lot of my sanity to Mr Bryce Kennedy - I honestly couldn’t recommend a human being with more integrity.
— Roxy Faridany- Gholam LTD, Art Department Manager
Working with Bryce was honestly one of the best decisions I’ve made. I felt safe and trusting the moment I entered the healing and afterwards it was as if something inside of me shifted. I was still me but after working with Bryce everything felt a bit brighter, a bit more possible. It’s hard for me to explain the depth and clarity Bryce provided me

With because it was so personal. But for me, these healing were life changing and I would recommend Bryce to anyone and everyone. My experience with him was truly magical.
— Sonya Elisabeth Glaessner, Comedian/Actress/Singer
Every human being has desires. But sometimes, no matter how we strive toward them, the having of those desires seems impossible. I first began working with Bryce about six months ago, since then, my life has exploded. I have accomplished in energy healing with Bryce what I could not through years of CBT. This work doesn’t build systems of behavior to accommodate your perceived limitations as a human being, it allows you remove those limitations altogether. Emotionally and spiritually, the work I have done with Bryce has improved my confidence, helped me to be more vulnerable and fulfilled in my relationships and has set me on a more connected and peaceful spiritual path than I have ever known. I have even experienced physical benefits including the ability to finally lose weight for the first time in my life without a crash diet! (Fifteen pounds and counting y’all.) Bryce is a healer. If you want to stop dreaming and start doing, then give it a try, even if you’re skeptical. I was when I began and seven months later, I am so glad I did!!! Go for it! Live the life you’ve imagined!
— Jac Grady, The Community, Founder
Bryce is an incredible healer with a great energy and impressive intuition. He is kind and open and has helped me to discover and remove many blocks in my life. We’ve tackled both physical stuff and emotional stuff and it is always a very positive experience. He is incredibly supportive and always willing to really dig to find the answers. He really cares about helping people!! The changes that he has helped to bring about in my life have been nothing short of miracles. I am forever forever grateful to have found him and will continue to recommend him to EVERYONE I MEET.
— Jillian Eichler- Film maker, Actress
Working with Bryce has opened up and deepened the journey within myself. He came into my life exactly when he was suppose to and has influenced a change in the way I experience myself as well as others. The energy he puts out and that he encourages in me, along with his willingness to share himself openly and with a heart of love is inspiring, insightful, authentic and a beautiful act of human kindness and understanding.
— Alexandra O'halloran- Actress