I Am Man.

This program was designed for men by men who want to be their own MAN. They want to feel the freedom of life. The unapologetic way of being stronger and in power. Nothing hidden. Nothing held back. Ruthless. Caring. Genuine. Noble. Man.

Most men, at some point, get stuck. Stagnant. They get burnt out. Locked in a career that eats their soul.

And the reason? Men forgot how to be men (Or never learned). It’s quite simple.

Men shut parts of themselves off. The ferocity. The ugly. The vulnerability. The dark. The light. The Good, the bad, the ugly.

Instead it’s complacency and comfort. A quiet numbing anxiety.

As former Marine, national speaker and ultramarathoner David Goggins said, “Successful men know the best and worst parts of themselves and that’s what gives them the edge in life. They don’t fuckin’ hide.”


This coaching program is 8 weeks long.

It will get you to commit to yourself first and foremost. It is going to push your comfort zone. Plus:

  • Your word will be your bond

  • Your commitment will be absolute

  • You will connect deeply with people

  • You will accept total responsibility for your life

  • You will feel feelings and no longer repress

  • You will embrace your dark and light sides

  • Your weaknesses will become your strengths

  • You will shed the “ideal” version of a man and OWN who you truly are. Fuck the ideal.

And through all that, you will be supported. And this is very rare for men. Which is why this program is very special and only open for a handful at a time.

The program:


Week 1: Dig into the meat, discover the foundation of who you are.

  • You will have an extensive questionnaire to fill out beforehand that breaks down all aspects of your life.

  • We will then start digging into what you really want in life. Not just the material (which we will definitely go after) but the deep down. This part is crucial!

  • We will go into the WHY of your life. Most men don’t know what they want and they don’t know WHY. This is the foundation of our work together.

  • By the end you will know what you want, why, and this will be the new fuel to spark a change in your life.

Week 2: Cut the fat, become ruthless with your time

  • We will become essentialists. That which is not essential will be dropped. If it is not feeding the wanting and the WHY, it is not essential.

  • We will be looking at your time spent in the office, with friends, family, etc. How you answer emails, take meetings, spend time socially. Everything will be assessed, again, for its essentialism.

  • Diet, workout, drinking and smoking will be on the chopping block. I will ask you to reduce drinking to once a week and if you’re feeling lucky, none at all during our 8 week program. It’s not essential. It retards the process.

  • You will be a lean mean fighting machine.

Week 3-5: Go deep, own your power

  • We will be stripping away the bullshit and seeing who you really are with a process called IST. Inner Space Technique. It is a highly specialized form of meditation that opens up different states of consciousness to go beyond your ordinary mind. We will discuss this more on our discovery call. One client said, “It’s like 10 years of therapy in 1hr.”

  • This is where the inner transformation will take place. True alchemy. True change. The focus will be on how your current state of consciousness has led you to this current predicament you are in. We will see why. The things that you don’t know you don’t know. Because if you did, you would have fixed it by now.

  • You will be freeing yourself of the blockages that have plagued your life.

  • Some have experienced immediate changes in life and feel powerful, lighter, less anxious, happier, more joyful, purposeful, and a new levels of thinking and creativity.

Week 6-7: Check in and commitments.

  • Here we dial it up for the last 3 weeks. We look at everything in your life. The “What do you want,” and the “Why,” questions. And we tighten up anything that needs to be tightened. This is a time to truly voice what you need here.

  • Are you meeting your goals? Commitments? Is it working? Not working? We have a real honest look at where you are and adjust as needed.

  • We will also take any ideas that were discovered in the first 5 weeks and put them into action. This is where we begin to think outside the box with strategy. This is where all the inner transformation will meet the outer transformation.

  • We will look at your living and work space. Does it support you? Do they affect the subconscious in anyway? Do you feel comfortable? Again, what do you need?

  • This is where the voice of the Man speaks his truth. No hiding. No “tough guy” nonsense. Truth.

Week 8: The Man you are! Action

  • You made it! We’ve dug inside. We’ve recalibrated your life. Everything is moving to a bigger you!

  • We will do one last IST session which will be invaluable. This is where we implement, “if you had one day to live, what would you do? How would you act? What actions would you find unacceptable?” And we will dive back into these bigger states of consciousness and unlock more of you. It’s the most powerful part.

  • We will have a map in place of your inner emotional landscape that will address who you are. What is real you and what is programmed you. This is a chance to really step into something you’ve waited your whole life for. No limits.

  • We will also discuss next steps. What and where you’re going. You will know the man you are meant to be. Who you WANT to be and WHY.

  • You will be the CEO of your fucking life.

Basics of the program:

  • Each week we will spend a full 2 hours together deconstructing and constructing the Man you want to be.

  • You will be given 5 books to read during and after our work together.

  • Several times during the program we will meet to do an activity to push our boundaries.

  • You will have access to me via Telegram app for texts and voice recorded issues. Calls are welcome for quick check ins.

  • After each session you will receive a follow up email explaining what you did and what your homework is for the upcoming week.

  • Drinking alcohol/drugs will be restricted to once a week or no use at all.

  • 5 cold showers a week for at least 3 minutes (we will discuss).

This program was started by Bryce Kennedy, a former corporate attorney who now studies the art of meditation, essentialism and empowering men to be CEOs of their lives. Not vice presidents.



Please send a few sentences of why you want to participate in the program and what you want to change about your life in the message below. Again, only 6 slots total.

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