How my sure-fire life plan failed

And instead, I woke up to a path I never could have imagined

“FUCK IT. I CHOOSE MAGIC”. At one point in my life I had to choose, magic or no magic?

That was the beginning of the end for me.  Before choosing magic, I was an attorney who worked 90 hour weeks. I had a lovely bleeding stomach ulcer. I was plagued by decades of sleepless nights due to night terrors. I liked my scotch almost as much as I liked my daily cheese steaks. But let's not forget my friends; anxiety, fear, doubt, hate, and depression. They were the background noise of my life.  Oh the joy of living. Ha.  

But, eventually I stopped laughing. 


The bleeding ulcers and night terrors got so bad I was living with one foot in the grave.

It was a waiting game. A friend saw my condition and suggested acupuncture. I of course laughed this off because acupuncture was witchcraft and I was not about to go down the road of holistic, self-help bullshit.

However, with a little "you better do this or I will leave you" persuasion from my fiancée, I did try it and it changed everything. It was like waking up from a coma for over 30 years. And instead of being overjoyed and dancing down the streets kissing babies and singing to kittens, I was angry. I wanted to know, how in the hell could this happen? Why is life so zombie like? Why are we so susceptible to every damn negative factor in life that it knocks us on our butts for days, weeks, years, foorrreverrr? I want my life!

And so, I got answers. I refused to back down. As much as I cursed my legal education it turned out to be invaluable. It allowed me to discern methods of transformation that were hippydippy nonsense from the real and stunningly amazing ones. This became my quest. I started learning about energy, vibrations, thoughts, beliefs. I wanted to know how to make them work for me. To complete own my life. And when I did, wow, the results were insane. 


Fast forward to today.

Since beginning this quest, I obviously have created this company to help people. But I really did it because I refuse to allow people to be zombies to thoughts, emotions, and external factors. It drives me nuts.

I have spent thousands of hours becoming certified and mastering everything from Feng Shui to meditation. I went back to acting school to learn the art of freeing oneself from, well, oneself. This is about conquering the inane crap to live BOOM!

Life is such a freaking rich, animalistic, angelic, ball of fun.

But most importantly, it truly is magical. So, are you ready to say:

Fuck it, I choose magic!