"Why am I picking this up?"

Why. Do. We. Fill. Our. Space?

With emails. Facebook. Instagram. Food. Drinks. Thoughts. Stuff.

It's in the space that we can't hide. It's a reckoning. A moment of truth. 

It's us. The parts that we don't want to see. The parts that we don't want to feel. 

So we cope. We FILL!

And funny enough, it's in the space that we are most powerful. It's in that space we are heroes. 

Next time there is an itch to pick up the phone and check it...

Simply ask yourself, "Why am I doing this?" "Is it a reaction or do I actually need to be doing this?"

Create the space and watch the magic unfold. 



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Embrace the chunk

Each one of us is born with a chunk of life. Maybe it's preordained. Maybe it's random. Maybe it's both. Who knows. 

But what we do know is we are given this chunk of life. In that is our life force. Our time. Our bodies. Our mind. Our connection. Again, a chunk. 

Now, we can either enhance this chunk or we can give it away. 

Most give it away. As we get older we forget that this chunk is ours. We may think it belongs to our boss. Our friends. Our bills. Even our family.

Ohh but it is our chunk. And while we may believe giving our chunk away is necessary, it is not. 

The chunk is sacred. The more we cultivate it. The more we own it. The more we nurture and love it, the more bandwidth we have. The more we can accomplish. The more we can show up. 

If you find yourself in a position in life where your chunk is pretty depleted, take it back. Find a way to bring life back into it. Get to know it. Get to feel it.

At the end of the day, our chunk is our chunk. 

Time to embrace the chunk and watch the magic fly.  



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Excuse me but you stink...

We are human. 

We smell funny.
We leak liquids from every square inch of our bodies. 
We have breasts. 
We have hair. 
We have bums. 
We have skin. 
We are sexual. 
We have feelings. 
We react. 
We move. 
We have fat. 
We have senses. 

We as humans have a lot in common with each other. More than we think. 

Maybe it's time to stop judging our humanness and start embracing it. 

Maybe it has to start with us. 

Take a look at the list and see what isn't being embraced in you. Start there. Embrace that. Make peace with that.

And let that be the force of change. 



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The inconvenient truth about Joy

Joy is one of those qualities that permeates the soul. 

It is a way of being that is inherent in each one of us. 

However, most of us have become reliant on an external factor to invoke the feeling of joy. While that may seem completely normal it creates a hiccup in the system.

Why? Because we are reliant on something other than ourselves. 

A raise. A new job. Praise. A house. Love from a partner. A new client. A vacation. 

"That next thing will bring me joy." "When this circumstance changes, I can feel joy."

This dependence on external factors to be joyous is dangerous. It is in the dependence where we start to give our freedom away. Because dependence works two ways. If it's there, great, we feel joy. But if it's gone, bad, we feel no joy. It's just like being addicted to a drug. On it, we feel great. Not on it, we feel awful.

External based joy is no different. 

I am not saying don't experience joy when something good happens. Rather, I bring this up so we can start mapping when we are waiting for an event to change our moods and our lives. Again, if that external factor can bring us up, it can certainly bring us down. 

Better to find joy within. Regardless of the circumstances. Regardless of the criteria. Regardless of the outside. If we get to that, we are living on a whole different level. One that is empowered. One that is fearless. Why? Because we rely on nothing but our internal being. Our force. 



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The secret to making meditation stick

The need for silence and stillness is crucial in today's modern life. 

It doesn't have to be perfect. It doesn't have to be long. 

It just needs to breathe. Silence and stillness need a chance to breathe. 

Pick a time. Pick a place. Pick a length. Now let it flow. 

The thoughts will be there. Fidgeting will come. It's ok. 

Here's the secret, find the part of yourself that is dying for silence and stillness. 

The part that is aching for it. Yearning for it. Thirsting for it. 

If you find that, then it can work. 

Then it will work. 



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