Vanquishing Judgment!

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

- Matthew 7:1-2

Pictured above is my ancestor, Bryce the Barbarian.  Before he went to battle with sabertooth tigers and bloodthirsty lions he had to judge his chances of survival during a slaughter of the beasts (by the way, zero chance of death.  I mean his name was Bryce the Barbarian.  Look at me him). As humans, we were born to judge.  It is instinct.  And it keeps us alive. However, somewhere judgment went awry.  It now has seeped into all aspects of our lives and no longer promotes survival!  Rather, it promotes death! It keeps us from thriving, from LIVING!  That quote up there is a powerhouse and sums up pretty much EVERYTHING about judgment.  Judgment is the beast Bryce the Barbarian should have slaughtered.  

There are three forms of judgment.  1. Judgment of ourselves.  2.  Judgment OF others.  3.  Judgment FROM others.  Of course we know we shouldn’t judge others and ourselves.  We know it is a toxic habit that pollutes our souls.  The first two judgments we impose directly by ourselves. It’s kind of twisted if you think about it.   So what can we do to stop?  We cut it the hell out! Stop it! And how does one do that?  Catch ourselves judging and then release it.  Say in your head, “shhhh, let’s see how this plays out before I go and layer it with thick layers a poo judgement.”  And slowly but surely you find that judgment begins to fall away.  And when judgment falls away, BOOM! We are free. We can now use all that previous wasted energy on ourselves.  We can use it to rule our world!  To LOVE!  To LIVE! It’s magical.  Catch yourself judging and then release that judgment!

The third judgment is a big one.  It stops most people from living their dreams.  And here it is, one of the main reasons we fear judgment from others is because somewhere in our lives we are judging people for the exact same judgment we fear!  Ahhh!  Just like the quote above!  We are getting back exactly what we are sending out.  And why do we judge in the first place? Because of FEAR!! It’s all one big circle of insanity.  But it’s a beautiful insanity because we are smart enough to catch it and fix it.  But Bryce, what about your number one rule of self-love?  Well, that’s precisely why it’s my number one rule.  You love yourself enough, you won’t judge others or fear judgment because you embody true love and can experience nothing but love and security.  HA! Wonderful isn’t it?! The judgment you fear is usually the judgment you are placing on others. Find where you are doing it, cut it out, and watch how your own fears subside.

This really sunk in when I was watching a performance from an actor who committed 100% to a role for a silly little children’s show.  I was like, “Come on buddy, this ain’t Broadway, no need to pull a muscle.”  And the next day while performing in class I found myself judging my performance and thinking that the class probably thought it was a horrific performance.  I managed to hit all 3 judgments in a span of 3 minutes.  And what did it really come down to? I judged myself and feared judgment from others because ultimately I had judged that actor for committing 100% to a childrens show. And why did I judge him in the first place?  Because deep down I knew I I didn’t have the confidence to commit 100% like he did. HAHA! The irony.  It’s a circle of death.  So now?  I applaud that actor! I cheer him on because I hope to attain the freedom and confidence he has.  And now?!?  I find I don’t fear judgment from myself and others because…wait for it…I love BRYCE THE BARBARIAN!

Catch yourself judging and then release that judgment!  It’s that easy.  It always is.

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”