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Momentum, Momentum, Momentum!

(That's me on the left on the set of Charmed, 10yrs ago...I had hair.)

(That's me on the left on the set of Charmed, 10yrs ago...I had hair.)

If there is one, huge, GIGANTIC lesson I have learned in this wacky life, it is that once you catch a wave of momentum, DO NOT LET GO. Momentum comes to all of us at all times during our lives.  It comes like a bat out of hell and hits like a frying pan to the face.  Momentum gives you exactly what you need at exactly the right moment.  Do not mistake it for "a lot on your plate" and crush it with negativity.  No, you rejoice and roll around in it like a pig in sh!t.

When I was out in California, I was slammed with life.  It was awesome.  I was working my butt off for an incredibly fun talent manager.  I had all kinds of auditions. I just wrapped up filming an episode of Charmed. I got my SAG card. I was offered a 5min standup slot at the Comedy Store.  Life was good. But then, like a true bonehead, I took a vacation, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT. Why? Because I felt I was too bogged down with all of these amazing opportunities that I deserved a break...from living the dream. Ugh! I TOOK OFF!!! Can you believe it?  

Momentum was annngry! It kicked dust in my eye and left.  Then nothing for a long, long time.  The funny thing is that it has taken me to the age of 34 to understand how important it is not to get frazzled by momentum but rather catch it and ride that rascally bastard all the way into the station. There are so many times in life that momentum catches us off guard that we freeze up and do nothing!  Or we get that push of encouragement that touches our soul that makes us want to climb a mountain and conquer it, but then...We don't! We let thoughts get in the way, fears, society, beliefs, NONSENSE.  When you get the momentum in life, no matter what form, DO NOT JUDGE IT!  

THE KEY:  Build it up every single day.  Do not break it. Even if it's tiny (size, in this case, does not matter). If everything is energy, move it and build it up. Workout, write, call, LOVE, speak, create, learn, listen, ANYTHING.  

You put a lasso around its neck, saddle up, and ride that magical beast as far as it can go.  

Then you can take a vacation.  


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#Be the BlueJay



“I am, indeed, a king, because I know how to rule myself.” 

― Pietro Aretino

This one will be short but powerful.  WILLPOWER can conquer every single thing in your life that you want to change.  It is by sheer force of Will that empires have risen from the sands, fears crushed and dreams turned into reality by releasing the bonds of judgment.  We were given Willpower to overcome any force internally or externally. 

Willpower takes courage.  You have to dig deep within yourself to find it. And it must be treated like a muscle.  Build it everyday.  Start small and end BIG! Each day use Will to do something you wouldn’t have done before. It does not matter what it is, it only matters that you do it using Will.  No matter who or what hurt you in life, what beliefs you have about yourself, nothing, NOTHING can beat Willpower. 

It is at the very moment you decide to engage Will from the core of your soul that transformation begins.  There will be no hardships you can’t overcome, nothing to knock you off track.  Your life becomes completely controlled by you.  Simply decide to take that tiny step towards conquering whatever it is you want. And you know what will happen? The Universe will know you are ready to fight! And it will back you up. Not a bad ally to have.

Willpower must be cultivated. Do not judge your progress.  Simply start making progress.  1 sugar in the coffee instead of 2.  Workout 3 times a week instead of 0.  Being more present towards loved ones.  Build. Build. Build.  

Once your Will is fully yours to command, holy smokes, watch out, nothing can hold you back.   

Willpower can overcome anything.   


"On Saturday, I was a surgeon in South Africa, very little known. On Monday, I was world renowned."

Christiaan Barnard

Now there’s a Monday!

There were many, many, many Mondays I awoke feeling the grip of the upcoming week strangling me.  No excitement, just the dread of returning to work and the long eternity until the weekend.  Well ain’t that a pisser!!!  THAT IS NOT HOW TO START OFF THE WEEK!  

The beginning of a new week is just that, a beginning! Oh man, the possibilities are endless.  You can begin eating right, call loved ones, learn how to crochet, save for a vacation, rescue a cat from a tree, take the big scary step you’ve been putting off for months, or just plain say F&%K IT! THIS IS WHEN I BEGIN DOING EXACTLY WHAT I WANT TO DO.  Mondays should never strangle you, they should be looked upon with crazy excitement! It’s such an incredible benchmark to begin anew!  

I don’t care if you’ve started a million different things on a million different Mondays and they’ve never worked out in your mind.  Those Mondays no longer exist and by the way, who said they didn’t work out? How do you know that some energetic force isn’t secretly building upon itself and creating momentum pushing you a little further down the path of completion.  It is not for you to judge.  There are forces at work that are just a shy smarter than you and me so let’s keep following our instinct and begin on MONDAY!!! IT’S A HELL OF A DAY!

3 KEYS: I’ve written about these before but I am going to reiterate them because they are sooooooo important. 

1. WATER!!! Drink a few glasses of water when you first wake up.  Hydrate and let your body seep it in like a dry plant.  That’s what it needs.  It flushes out all the gunk from the night and gets it going with purity! It’s so easy there is no excuse to not drink water. The bod kind of needs it.  Water! Agua! H2O! Eau! Tubig! Nam! Viz! Pani! (That’s Urdu for water just in case you thought it was Igbo, which it most certainly is not.)

2. BREATHE!!!  Breathe! Huge deep meaningful breaths.  Pull that air into your body and envision it refreshing that badass body of yours.  See if you you can breathe air into every section of your body. Imagine washing every cell with new life.  And when you breathe out, let all the stale air and nonsense from life flow out.  It doesn’t belong there.  TO HELL WITH YOU NONSENSE AIR!  Do it 10 times or more. Ohh it’s so good.  

3. NO ELECTRONICS!!!  Your body has just come off a pretty cool ride called sleep.  This is when you want to treat it like a new born baby.  Be gentle, loving, nurturing.  If you begin with emails, Facebook, Instagram, news, ebola, money, ANXIETY, you will have destroyed all that was at work on you during the night.  Give yourself a break and just let it have a few moments to sink in. It’s a wonderful time to imagine and feel the endless possibility that awaits at the beginning of a new week.  Think of things you are grateful for and wake up to those.  Think of loved ones.  Feed your body from the soul. Not from anywhere or anyone else.  

Ok, it’s Monday! Here we go!  Begin the habit of doing those three things and try to not miss a day.  You will soon notice a transformation within you.  It’s pretty amazing.  

I have a case of the Mondays. Yep, a case of exploding infinite possibilities.