“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?” 

- Rumi

Merriam Webster dictionary defines a bacon wrapped scallop as, “The single greatest, mind-blowing invention of mankind…ever.”  The bacon wrapped scallop shattered the boundaries of our accepted reality (the plain old scallop) and created a whole new reality with a simple piece of pork. And with that, I would like to introduce you to 15 year old Bryce and skiing. (I agree, smooth transition)

When I entered high school I was fortunate enough to have a family friend who was a ski instructor.  She gave me the greatest insight into my skiing technique and life that I ever received!!! In fact, it was only yesterday, 18 years later, that I really understood it.  After the end of the ski season she sat me down and said, “Bryce, you are an advanced-intermediate skier.” That was it. That was her life changing statement.  After she said it, there was silence. And then I yelled, THANK GOD! I was thrilled! Advanced-intermediate.  WOW! I was slightly better than average! World here I come! Intermediate-mediocrity be dammed! I am advanced…intermediate. She was appalled. She said that I shouldn’t be happy with that level.  I could be so much more. She said I should strive to be advanced, push myself, work on being more fluid, fearless, trust my skis (TRUST!! BAH!), dance between the moguls, and keep delving into limitless potential.  I chose not to.  I stayed right there. Advanced-intermediate. I was a scallop with no bacon :(  (It deserves a sad face).

Looking back, I now realize that’s exactly how I lived my life. Advanced-intermediate.  My grades in school were always slightly better than average.  My relationships were always good but not great (with a sprig of batsh*t crazy sprinkled in). Yes, I took some amazingly daring chances and I’m very proud of them.  But in the end, I got very comfortable and all progression stopped.  Only up until about 2-3 years ago did I start truly dipping my toe into the advanced level.  The deep end if you will. Wrapping my scallop in bacon.  And I was terrified.  Hell, I’m still terrified. As I go deeper there are times I want to go back to advanced-intermediate. I want to do things at 85%.  But alas, I can’t go back.  I have waded too deep and I refuse to turn around. WADE DEEP!!! Go beyond your level!  

THE QUICK AND DIRTY TASK:  Wrap that scallop in bacon!

THE WHAT:  In order to transform ourselves and the world around us we must start thinking beyond our boundaries of our current comfort zone. It’s not always about dreaming BIG but it is also about dreaming the small dreams in life.  Allow those little dreams to puncture the scope of your current reality.  Start saying, “WHY NOT ME!? I am entitled to live an extraordinary life!” 

THE HOW:  THIS IS THE KEY!1.  Think of your current level of living. Acknowledge it. Become aware of it.  DO NOT JUDGE IT. Think of how far you can go at that level.  What seems a comfortable reach at that level.  2. NOW, GO BEYOND THAT LEVEL.  Think of the “impossible.”  Start believing in a life that is beyond your level and slowly work on believing it is attainable.  3 BELIEVE!  4. Keep at it.

THE WHY:  So the major hiccup to all of this is the believing part.  It is so incredibly difficult to believe in something that isn’t “real” yet. That is why we have to work slowly and delicately with our dreams. Let it sink in. Don’t fight with the belief.  Allow it to be where it is.  Everyday, first thing in the morning and right before bed, think about it.  Think of what it feels like. Feel it. Think as if you already have it.  And if the feeling isn’t quite there yet, that’s ok.  Let it marinate. There is no rush.  But be kind to your dream.  Think of it as a little baby that is just beginning to grow. We wouldn’t expect it to start walking right from birth.  No, we would give it time to grow.  Grow into your dream. I repeat, GROW INTO YOUR DREAM.  

I’ve struggled with this one a lot because I’ve forced my dreams in the past.  I’ve forced the feelings to believe.  I’ve also done it out of fear.  For example, if I didn’t achieve xyz dream, I would be nothing.  Poppycosh! Now I realize it’s all about baby steps.  LIFE IS ONLY STEPS.  Enjoy the STEPS! The first major step is to think at a whole different level. What is outside your realm of possibility?  What do you think is impossible? Well, that’s where you set your sights.  Just yesterday a friend sent me an article about how NBC is allowing open submissions for sitcom ideas. Immediately, at my scallop level, I began to think “that’s impossible, who am I to write something like that.” Ohhhh but that’s it.  It’s wayyyyy outside my current level. HAH! Screw that.  Bacon wrapping time!

I’m never going back to advanced-intermediate.  I’ve strolled beyond the bounds of my “level/reality.”  And mama likey.  I’ve experienced feelings of terror/excitement at the same time and it is amazing!  My life is great.  I can’t deny that.  I am grateful every step of the way (Well, most days. I mean rarely on Mondays and Wednesdays but definitely the rest of the week.  Sometimes not on Tuesdays).  I remain mindful trying to live in the moment.  But I have dreams! And I am going to achieve them because I have started living in a new reality. MY REALITY!

It’s a bacon wrapped scallop world for the taking.  The scallop (life) by itself is wonderful. But the wrapping/merger of the bacon (dreams) …. now that’s just divine.

Be the bacon wrapped scallop.  

“The garden of the world has no limits, except in your mind.” 

― Rumi