Self-Sabotage? No, thank you! I call it a "Blip"

"The wickedly talented, one and only Adele Dazeem."

“I’ve been beating myself up all day. Then I thought…what would Idina Menzel say, She’d say, Let it go, let it go! Idina is incredibly talented and I am so happy Frozen took home two Oscars Sunday night!”

John Travota

He got it right, we need to “let it go.” (Ok, that was even cheesy for me, sorry)

Now that we have 30 days of tools, you may get like me sometimes and think, “awwe crap, I missed a day and no matter how many ho’oponoponos I say or smugs I give, I’m still just in a funk.  I must be self-sabotaging myself.”  Oh, it’s fun to beat ourselves up.  And self-sabotage is one of the best instruments of beating.  

BUT, the idea of self-sabotage never quite sat right with me.  It’s a little too heady.  I have enough swirling around my noggin to worry about if my “screw ups,” which I already feel guilty about, are really some twisted form of self-sabotage. Nope.  I’m good. Guilt paired with shame and a dash of insanity will just about do it.  I have enough layers of the onion needing peeled.  So, why have I changed self-sabotage to “blip?” Because, 1. it doesn’t wreak of judgment and 2. it helps me look at my actions objectively. I give you the blip. 

My definition of a blip is, “an action which results in loss of inner-power from the doer during a PHENOMENAL time of change.”  Ex: I’m writing a book that’s due on monday.  However, I get caught up in family drama or get drunk (pick your poison) and miss my deadline.  I then proceed to berate myself for a week instead of asking for an extension.  That’s a blip. I had an incredible opportunity but lost my power due to drama, drinking and berating myself.  I took the power away from the phenomenal change, completing a book!

"During a PHENOMENAL time of change!"  Hahaha, a blip occurs during a period of change! Ahhh!!! THE BLIP!!!  It’s an indicator from the Universe telling us it’s time for change.  And the reason we create a blip is because we are terrified of whatever change is at hand…we may just not know it yet.  What if we fail in this new change?  What if we achieve change but it is later taken away from us? What if I’m not good enough in this new change? Boom, blip!  We need to start focusing on our actions, without judgment and taking notice of what’s happening in our lives during the blip.  The blip removes power from the change, the gift from the Universe, and focuses on the "old way." It makes us feel comfortable.  It makes us feel safe.  There is no deviant force at hand here. We are fully in control of allowing our power to escape from our beautiful path of change. Take it back!

THE QUICK AND DIRTY TASK:  Embrace the Blip!

The What: Gossip, negative self-talk, over drinking, binge eating, fights, drama, reaching out to old toxic relationships, etc., are all blips.  If they happen, cool, they happen.  DO NOT JUDGE yourself after they happen. The key is to notice these reoccurring patterns and begin to look at the blips.  See what part of your life is ready to change.  

The How:  Acknowledge the blip.  Do not beat yourself up.  Do not allow others to beat you up.  Breathe, take a step back and sit with yourself. Then, quietly examine your life and see what change is at hand.  It may be big or small.  You may label it as good or bad, necessary or unnecessary. Regardless of the label (which we shouldn’t be doing but it’s natural), find the change that wants to happen and allow it. Lastly, remove the blip and go full force into the change, loving yourself the entire way.  You found the correlation between the blip and the change, pretty impressive.

The Why:  It will be beautiful if you see the blip and take a step back to see what needs changing in your life.  Just today I noticed I had a blip that I was about to feed power to.  However, I realized immediately my life is going through major changes, which scares the bejeezus out of me, but is why I created this distraction. So, I stopped it, and decided to write the first new post after the 30 day experiment. Now, I EMBRACE THE BLIP!!!  

It’s a beautiful indicator telling us we are ready for change. It’s just a blip. Nothing more, nothing less.  Follow the blip.