"Never confuse motion with action."

Benjamin Franklin

In keeping with the last post I want to top it off with a quick note about keeping the momentum going.  Ben Franklin up there states it perfectly.  Far too often we go through the motions without doing any true action.  Oh my, oh my, this is a very easy trap to get caught in.  I used to have a list of goals and if I could check them off at the end of the day I considered it accomplished. Not the case.  They should have been checked off only if I poured every ounce of my soul into them.  Then and only then could they be checked off.  Yes, I was technically doing something but it wasn’t to the top of my ability.  The key is to ask yourself if you truly “did it”? 

In law school I had this class called Civil Procedure.  I loathed it like the seventh circle of hell. I would read the chapter take some notes and call it a night without truly getting to the core of the material.  And wouldn’t you know, I got an awful grade in that class.  But I read all the chapters?  I spent countless hours on the horrid subject?  I tore out whatever remaining hair I had left. The thing was that I didn’t really do the work. I went through the motions and the result was poo.  This happens so often when people are growing in relationships, business, LIFE and they don’t get the results they want.  It’s fear that holds them back from truly going in head first in the work. With this wacky life make sure to check in and see if you are going through the motions or truly taking action.

Momentum!!! Once you do take that action, take more, and every single day! This is the other trap people fall into.  They make huge terrifying leaps and then take a breather that’s only supposed to last a day and then turns into a year! This is so crucial.  Everyday a new step has to be taken.  You took the leap, that’s the hard part, now keep going!  The momentum is an energetic force that is routing you on. It starts to solidify and becomes palpable.  Soon you have all the momentum in the world and boom! You’re living the dream. 


1. Do not punk out and only do the basics. Dig deep into the meat.

2. Do not let TIME be a factor of the quality of work you do.  Sometimes you will spend 12hrs on a project and other times 1hr and you know what, the results can be just as awesome.

3. DO NOT JUDGE how big the action is you are taking.  A lot of us never get off the ground because we think we have to take huge leaps and then keep that up forever.  Nonsense.  Take the first scary step and then keep working at it, no matter how small or how much time is invested.  The key is keeping the momentum up and never ever letting it go. 

4. No comparison allowed.  You can’t look at your progress compared to others.  I take my time.  Probably more than I should.  I am now 34 and figuring out all kinds of wacky stuff.  I am just starting to dig in but I’ll tell you this, I am ready.  Now I am ready and I have enough of a base to keep me rooted when seas are a heavin’. Bring it on.  

5. SCREAM!  When you are frustrated and want to give up and have no clue how to move forward and have given everything, SCREAM!  Let whoever is up there hear you.  Let them know you are hear and by damned you are ready to conquer!