House Rules for the 30 Day Experiment

1. Read this first thing in the morning!  This is so important. Each morning I used to roll over in bed, grab my phone and look at my bank account, Facebook, emails and secretly read Perez Hilton.  By the time my feet hit the floor I was poor, envious, angry and not famous. Stop! The morning is precious. It is when we get to begin anew. It is the time to feed our mind beautiful nurturing food. So let’s do that. 

2. Be open minded. There will be a lot of incredibly wonderful and life changing material coming at you that may be completely foreign. Be open minded. Feel it out. Shut the left side of your brain off for a whisper of a second and see where it takes you. You don’t have to agree with it, but at least remove judgement and check it out. I am in no way trying to persuade you of anything. I have made some incredible discoveries and want to share them with you now.

3. Try it all.  Give it a shot. Why not? I mean it. Why the heck not? If societal “norms” were working, we would all be friends, radiating love and dancing in fields of rainbows with singing unicorns. But we aren’t.  Societal “norms” just aren’t cutting it anymore. We all deserve something greater. I know you feel it. I sure feel it. So lets get crazy, let our hair down and see if we can be a little happier, healthier and lovelier.

4. This is not affiliated with any religion and yet it is affiliated with every religion. HEYOOO!  Through my studies of all the major religions, quantum physics and most spiritual teachings, I learned one thing, IT IS ALL THE SAME THING, just with a different color paint!  You can’t go wrong with whatever you choose. Just stay clear of any dogma that cultivates the idea of duality, discrimination or suffering. That’s a bunch of controlling baloney which has no place in our GRAND EXPERIMENT. 

5. Keep it to yourself. If you are worried about judgment, don’t share.  A lot of people may poo poo the idea, they might get funky, they may just not like it. Cool, let them have their life but realize it’s not your life.  However, if you do share, share with pride. Also, share with others you think will enjoy this and I’ll add them to the list.

6. I am still learning.  This is an exploration and growth we will all go through together. We will go through the ups and downs but the key is we are doing this as one. We have each other’s backs. We are now a family. Also, I hate commas. Forgive, my, comma, usage, for, now. 

7. EXPLORE.  This may be the most important one of them all. See what you like and run with it. Get your hands dirty and read as much as possible on whatever excites you. DO NOT JUDGE YOURSELF.  Trust me, I did enough judging for all of us when I began this journey two years ago as a cynical attorney with a bleeding ulcer, night terrors and no direction. So why don’t we let that puppy go for the next 30 days. READ EVERYTHING!!! 

Please enjoy this and take whatever you like from it. 

I present you Bryce’s Grand Experiment