GO FOR IT, I dare ya!

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase."

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Right before actress Allison Janney goes on stage she says, ”And it goes a little something like this.”  Actor Ed Harris likes to say before performing, ”It don’t f@ckin’ matter.” (You see what I did with the “@”, clever.) What MLK, Allison and Ed are saying is that in life, in art, in goals, in dreams, in family, in love, in whatever strikes your heart, it doesn’t matter how much MORE preparation, time, money, knowledge you think you need, at one point, you just gotta GO FOR IT!  We will never be as ready as we think we need to be.  And as my acting teacher, Bruce Wayne McCarty, says about GOING FOR IT, “whatever you lose in perfection, you will more than gain in spontaneity.” (Yes, that’s his real name, talk about synchronicity). Life will take you on unbelievable, spontaneous adventures that will stretch the reaches of the imagination when you GO FOR IT.  

And by the way, I’m a big fan of thinking I’m not ready.  HUGE FAN! Let’s see which excuse shall I use today: money? education? age? hair? time? intelligence? Blah, blah, blah.  Screw excuses! GO FOR IT!  And I’m here to say that no matter what happens, if we take that first step, guess what, WE WILL STILL BE ALIVE!  Phew! So there’s that. That’s how I gauge everything.  Will it kill me?  NO, it won’t!  We will make mistakes, sure. But that’s not a negative thing.  The mistakes I’ve made from taking those first steps were 100 times more valuable than anything I could have ever learned in my own preparation.  

We just have to trust that we have enough within us to throw out there (and since we are one with the infinite Universe, we do!).  We’ve put a lot of work into ourselves and into our goals.  We may not see it that way because we compare ourselves to others but we have!  The key now is to just fall back and TRUST. If you don’t feel like trusting, that’s fine, but how has that worked out so far? And here’s the key to trust, you need to trust that you will NEVER be ready enough!  HAHAHA! How wonderful is that?!? What a load off my shoulders. No matter what we do, we will never be ready.  I’m not saying we don’t need to work our butts off for what we love. No! Work hard. What I’m saying is we must stop using “not being ready” as an excuse not to do something. I did standup in Philadelphia about 5 years ago.  I worked hard for it.  I could have taken years more of training but didn’t. I invited everyone I knew.  And…I failed at such an epic level that it took me years to even speak again.  But I freaking did it!  I had other comics tell me where to tweak, I learned about timing, I had drinks bought for me, I got sympathy numbers from girls.  Failure! Pffff. SUCCESS!!! (Of course I didn’t see it like that until about a month ago).

And one other thing…

I GOT ENGAGED LAST WEEK!!! HEYOOO. Was I ready? You bet I was…NOT! Have I been postponing it because of wanting to be ready? Ohhhh myyyy yes! Commitment and me aren’t exactly cuddle buddies.  I loathe commitment.  However, one day after a very big discussion with Bridget (my fiancée) about trust (DAMN YOU TRUST!!!) something clicked. It was the proverbial lightbulb.  I knew in that moment I was ready to marry her.  Well, I’m sure you can guess what happened next… I started FREAKING out.  How? money? when? hair? who? (oh wait, Bridget, right) ahhhh…and… cue…MELTDOWN!!! Then I breathed, reclaimed my energy and fell back to let the Universe take me away. That’s the whole point of pretty much everything, when you GO FOR IT and TRUST, life will go in directions never possibly imagined.  Join in the dance of life.  Let it flow. Let it move you in all different directions knowing that it’s all part of the whole beautiful choreography. 

Take that first step on the unknown staircase!  You’re ready and no matter how much you think it matters, remember:

It don’t f@ckin’ matter and it all goes a little something like this!