DAY 8: LET'S GET LOOSE!!! (Unlike Mr. Grumpy Puss)

“Eat healthily, sleep well, breathe deeply, move harmoniously.” 

- Jean- Pierre Barral

Look at that poodum up there.  That is John Adams.  He did not follow this blog.  He did not Food Combine.  He did not think of the Zombie Apocalypse. He certainly did not think of the Third Eye.  Therefore, he did not get loose…BUT YOU WILL!!!!

I cannot touch my toes.  My younger brother can touch his toes, my twin sister can touch her toes and I recently found out my 93-year-old grandma can touch her toes.  It is my white whale.  That said, I realize now that stretching is much more than touching your toes.  And guess what…I have an amazingly quick way to stretch the whole body!

Stretching in the morning (yes, the morning) is an incredible way to start the day.  Your whole body activates with the Universe when you stretch.  It’s like you saying, “Hey Universe, let’s take this time to get in touch because I know today you are going to give me infinite possibilities.”  It goes perfectly with the breathing that EVERYONE SHOULD BE DOING!!! I would say that breathing, drinking water and stretching are an incredibly powerful transformative trifecta.  According to the Mayo Clinic, stretching allows for: 1.Increased flexibility and joint range of motion  2. Improved circulation 3. Better posture  4. Stress relief  5. Enhanced coordination.  

You may be like me where I don’t have a lot of time in the morning to spend 20 minutes stretching which is why when I learned this very simple routine…my life changed.  If you can do a full body stretch for 20 minutes or more, by all means, get crazy.  However, if you can’t, there is no reason why you can’t get loose by doing the following quick full body stretches.  


The What:  6 very effective stretches in 2-3 minutes or less.  I would like you to incorporate breathing with this stretching.  Here is a quick video I made that shows you how to do the stretches.  It saves you the time of reading below.  

The How:  Here are the 6 exercises: 1. Rotate your arm, very slowly, in 10 full body circles.  Do the other arm, slowly.  2.  Put your hands on your kidneys (in my case my love handles) and rotate your hips in wide circles. Do this 10 times in each direction, slowly.  3.  Stand with your feet together and slightly bend your knees.  Take your hands and press gently on your knees (stretching out your hamstrings) and then rotate your knees together with hands on your knees.  Do this 10 times and then switch direction.  4. In standing position, hands on hips, bend your knees and guide with your tail bone and rotate your hips in small circles. Ten times each way.  5.  With feet planted firmly, shake your body out.  Shake out all the stress and get loose.  6. Standing with knees slightly bent, let your arms go limp and rotate your upper body.  Allow your arms to gently slap against your sides as you rotate.  This is my favorite one.  Remember to breathe when doing this.  Here is the video one more time. 

The Why:  My spiritual mentor/acupuncturist taught me this.  He is incredibly skilled with both the physical and spiritual aspects of life.  These simple stretches encompass both.  Once you begin doing these everyday over an extended period of time, you will notice a difference in the way your day begins.  It’s quite delightful to feel refreshed, awake, connected and ALIVE.  I mean if that’s not your thing, that’s cool too (umm…).  Also, set a goal for how many days in a row you are going to do it.  I say 90 consecutive days to really allow your body to begin to shift. It is well worth it.  

Again, here is the stretching video.  2 minutes long.  Please try this stretch, it rocks for starting your day off right.