Never say, ‘No’, never say, ‘I cannot’, for you are INFINITE. Even time and space are as nothing compared with your nature. You can do anything and everything, you are almighty.”

-Swami Vivekananda

NOW THAT’S HOW YOU START THE MORNING!!!  That quote is like a coal shovel to the face, it gets your attention.  We are infinite? We are almighty? Wowsa!!  Let that marinate.  I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite books, Zen and the Art of Happiness by Chris Prentiss.  This may be a lil book but it packs a spiritual wallop which is why I’m recommending it to everyone!!! 

The incredibly beautiful message of the book is, "Everything that happens to me only happens so that I can be benefited to the maximum amount possible."  Everything that happens in our lives is for our benefit in some way.  This can be a tough pill to swallow and sometimes I choke on that pill, but I still try and swallow it.  It is essentially asking you to  shift your perspective with every event that occurs in your life.  The simplistic theory (read the book!) is that the Universe is a living energetic being. Some say God is wrapped up in there, or a Creator, or light and love, or whatever your cup of tea is, but you get the idea.  Anyway, the Universe has existed for 13.8 billion years and will continue to exist for billions more. Here’s the good news, we are a part of the Universe!!! Yay!!! We were chosen to be on the winning team.  This means that since the Universe only wants the best for itself, and we are one with it, we will always be shifted onto a positive path of existence. “Not only is the Universe aware of us, but it also communicates with us. We, in turn, are constantly in communication with the Universe through our words, thoughts, and actions. The Universe responds with events. Events are the language of the Universe. The most obvious of those events are what we call coincidence.”  

THE QUICK AND DIRTY TASK: "Whatever happens is for my benefit!"

The What:  After reading this book (read the book!), I worried, “what if I screw up or I stray from the Universal path of awesomeness!?!?! Oh God am I even on the path? Am I really a man?  Ahhhh!!”  Calm down, it’s ok. The Universe steps in and rights your wrong almost immediately. However, you must be willing and open enough to trust and embrace it. The Universe is begging for you to be happy.  It is pleading for you to be happy. I’m not saying that you should try to shift to joy when your favorite pet cat, Muff Muff, is sick.  No, you’re supposed to mourn.  Feelings are natural and shouldn’t be suppressed. However, you can still be sad and choose to shift your energy.  You have a choice to trust the Universe and know that every event that occurs is for your benefit (even if you can’t possibly fathom it at the time).  Could you imagine that level of trust in your life?  That would be pretty amazing and I challenge you to give it a shot. 

The How:  Ready for it? Breathe!!!  There it is again.  This is so important to remember the minute anything “bad” happens to you.  Simply breathe. Next, say “whatever happens is for my benefit.”  Or you can go further and say, “I am part of the Universe and the Universe is LOVE.  I AM LOVE! I release all worries and bathe in the glory of the loving blanket of the Universe.”  Or something like that.  If you give it a try, the results will be profound.  

The Why:  Why not?!?! How has worrying worked out so far?  Why not stop and transfer that worrying energy into painting, singing, healing, loving, finding a solution, and/or allowing the Universe to swoop in with moments of brilliant clarity and insight?  Also, events have no positive or negative power to them.  It is only when we judge and perceive these events do they become either good or bad.  Read this again. This is a biggy.  It means you have the power, in the moment, to choose to trust the Universe and reclaim your energy.  Ex: I get hit by a car.  That’s the event. In that moment there is no good or bad, just the event.  I will hurt, I will be sad, I will need rehab, etc., but I have a choice with what to do in that moment. I will feel pain because I was hit by a car, that’s a definite. I could wallow in that pain or I could choose to trust that the Universe has something beautiful in store for me and work through it with a completely different outlook on life.  You always have a choice. I know this can be difficult but it is a phenomenally powerful concept that is the core of the Universe!  

Have a great morning!  Trust. Love. Breathe.