"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others."


Boy, ain’t that the truth. Gratitude is the GREATEST of all virtues. Gratitude is one of the few elements that shows up in EVERY spiritual and religious text.  Gratitude is the gas that runs the car of life.  You can have all the parts but without the gas you aren’t going anywhere.  Gratitude essentially gives the universe a giant hug from your soul and says, thank you.  In turn, the universe is so grateful for your kindness that it showers you with love and abundance!  In fact, almost anything related to manifesting abundance requires the element of gratitude for that which already exists in life. How incredible! It’s so easy and yet how rarely are we truly grateful for a hot shower, a favorite pair of Batman socks or a Golden Girls marathon on Nick at Nite (I won’t lie, I’m always grateful for that…but I digress). 

So what does that have to do with a zombie apocalypse?!?! Everything! 

Unfortunately, gratefulness has lost a bit of its oomph due to overuse and misuse.  Here is a way that you can truly feel grateful for every single thing in your life, ready?  Think of a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!!  I’m serious. Think of Zombie Apocalypse occurring right now.  All kidding aside. No running water, no electricity, no food, no hope, no survivors, no stable shelter, no heat, no coffee, no Keeping up with the Kardashians (well …), no clean sheets, no toothpaste, no medical care, no way to see your children, family and friends, nothing!!! Could you imagine that? Really try to and let that sit.  Existence would hurt in every waking moment.  Good, now take a deep breath and look at the picture at the top of this post. Your heart should swell up with gratefulness. It’s my friend’s daughter and her dog simply being grateful for the magically peaceful snowfall.  That’s how easy it is to be grateful. Let me also say this is just my method.  There are so many beautiful books that describe this without zombies but it’s a quick and very easy thing for me to remember when I’m being a bit of wanker and hating on life during rush hour on the subway. 

THE QUICK AND DIRTY TASK:  A daily gratefulness list

The What:  Look at your life.  Look at your daily routine, your commute, what you ate, what your home looks like, what family and friends you talk to, what clothes you are wearing, what music you listen to, what pictures you like, what you stress about, etc. Now think of a zombie apocalypse. Think of the sheer fear of trying to survive. Think of yourself as being hunted. Ok, stop.  Now think back to your life and feel how absolutely grateful you are.  Be grateful for the subway commute, your cold coffee, your messy house, your broken car, your body, your wrinkles on your face, FOR EVERYTHING!!! It is an absolute gift to have 100% of everything in your life. 

The How:  Think of ten things you are grateful for EVERYDAY!  Five things first thing in the morning (before you get out of bed) and five things when you are about to fall asleep.  You can either write them down or say them silently to yourself.  It can be about anything! A hug, a great cup of coffee, a new job, laughing at a funny joke, the warmth from your office, running water, anything!  The key is to do this as often as possible and truly feel it. Feeling it is the key!  How wonderful would it be to start and end the day with gratefulness in your heart? Pretty powerful!

The Why:  If you begin to feel gratefulness for the small things in life, I promise you life will change!  It sends a signal out to the universe that you are shifting in the direction of your higher self and are ready to be open to the magic in life.  Could you imagine simply enjoying life and everything in it? Wow, what a concept. It’s perfect.  

Give it a shot. Anytime you start to veer of the path of gratefulness, simply say to yourself, “Zombie Apocalypse!” and it will remind you that it could be a heck of a lot worse.  You become grateful in that moment!

My car is broken, Zombie Apocalypse!  I’m bald, Zombie Apocalypse! The subway is crowded, Zombie Apocalypse! The food I ordered is cold, Zombie Apocalypse! My internet is slow, Zombie Apocalypse! I ate too much pizza, Zombie Apocalypse! There is a zombie apocalypse, Keeping Up With The Kardashians! 



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