"Comparison is the thief of joy."

Theodore Roosevelt (again)

Short, sweet, and powerful.  Just like I like my women.  (I couldn’t resist)

Comparison is the death knell to any good plan.  It is the poison that infects our dreams and sucks the hope out of success.  If you think about it, comparison is absolutely insane.  This quote describes the insanity best, “Everybody is a genius.  But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”  That’s comparison.  I don’t care if the person you are comparing yourself to is your carbon copy, YOU ARE DIFFERENT!  Let’s begin to celebrate these differences. Yes, we are all the same at a Universal energetic level, but for purposes of this post, we will focus on our uniqueness in our earth bound bodies.  This distinction is necessary and will allow for total freedom to dominate any aspect of our lives.  

We compare because we don’t TRUST ourselves enough to totally LOVE ourselves.  I’m sorry, there is no way around it.  Trust and Self-Love.  They will haunt you for the rest of your days if you don’t decide to give in and embrace them.  But comparing yourself to another person is a particularly diabolical fate.  I loved comparing myself to my friends.  33 and I have no house, no car, no kids, I AM SCREWED!  I loved comparing myself to other actors too, I AM BALD, 6’1, I have smile wrinkles and am getting into the game at 33.  I AM SCREWED!  Those used to be my thoughts.  It is only when you begin to trust you are completely unique (no matter how much you don’t want to believe it) will you be able to conquer anything. Look at this blog.  I started comparing it to other blogs, TODAY, as I wrote this post. Hah! But I took a deep breath and realized this blog is completely unique. These are my words, my blood, my sweat and my damn tears! No one has lived the life I’ve lived.  I AM BRYCE!!! HEAR ME ROAR!!!

Go all in!  Stop letting comparison be a block.  We have enough blocks in life, this is an easy one to stop.  We shouldn’t compare ANYTHING. And most importantly, DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO YOUR FRIENDS and FAMILY. Ugh, the kiss of death.  I don’t care if they are millionaires that build orphanages while hand feeding three-legged dogs.  THAT IS NOT YOU! That is their journey.  Yours is different.  If you do not like your current journey, than it may be time to Dare Greatly, get in the arena and LIVE (see post 28).  The past does not exist so don’t even try to compare how much time you’ve wasted.  We are at Day 29, we know better than that. You be you!  There is a reason you are you. I’m not sure what it is, but there is a reason.  You aren’t Brad Pitt or Helen Hunt (still relevant?). Also, it’s a little ostentatious to think that the Universe screwed up by giving us our life.  Like we would be better if we were someone else.  IT got it right.  We are supposed to be exactly who we are.  In the end, I am me.  I am Bryce.  That is all I can be.  And to tell you the truth, I’m pretty psyched about it.  I’m psyched because at 33 I am NOW ready to fully engage the Universe and say, “I am HERE! Let’s kick some butt you crazy Universe!”

THE QUICK AND DIRTY TASK: Create and Contribute  

The What: Our only job is to create and contribute.  That’s it.  Create your world and contribute to others. How wonderful is that!  It’s like an elephant was just lifted off my back.  I get to completely create my own world/reality.  I create at every second I am alive.  And I can contribute to the world.  I can contribute ideas, thoughts, and energy.  I can do that. There really is no room for comparison in this equation.  HAHAHA, this is awesome! This is living! I just got goosebumps.  I really did. Living is FREEDOM. It is a dance. Catch the music and DANCE!

The How:  USE ALL 30 DAYS WORTH OF TOOLS!!!  This Grand Experiment has been one giant tool box of change.  You have the tools to create your own reality.  We now know how to shower ourselves with LOVE, how to avoid a zombie apocalypse, smug, love your rental car, snowflake, belong to the spiritual gym, reclaim our batteries, eat properly, workout, shout “I AM !”, burst through fears, be vulnerable, ho’oponopono the crap out of pain, and much more.  We have tools! That’s all you can ask for.  Now use them.  Let the light of YOU shine!!!  

The Why:  Because you just have to! Hmmphh.  We were designed to shine that light.  There is no room for comparison.  It is the result of too little self-love.  Live with your heart and you can do anything in life.  Check every step of your journey to see if you are in alignment with your heart (inner light). Remember, we just ripped that big ol’ heart out and put it right in the middle of our chests, exposed.  There is no going back.  It will shine. If you find yourself getting off the path, no biggie.  Go to the tool box, grab a tool, breathe and MARCH ON!!!

You have the Universe backing you… not too shabby!