The highest nobility lies in taming your own mind.”

- Atisha 

I love that picture.  It’s so peaceful.  The breathtaking Milky Way in all its glory…powerful silence.  That’s exactly how our minds should be. Powerfully silent.  Quieting the mind is one of the most powerful things we can do for spiritual growth.  Too bad it’s such a pain in the butt to do. When our mind gets going, whew, watch out.  I call this the “black hole.” The black hole is a lightless, energy sucking, void that is near impossible to escape.  This is where most of us spend our lives.  In the black hole, our judgment, fear, anxiety, guilt, resentment, stress, past, future and much more secretly drains power into it, increasing its strength. And here’s the crazy thing, none of it is real. We are throwing our power away into a non-existent reality.  We just delve deeper and deeper worrying about events that we have absolutely no control over.

But, there is a way to regain control.  Silence.  When we have a chance to silent the mind…BOOM! Unimaginable magic begins to occur. That’s where brilliance stems from, the flashes of insight, self-love, awareness, resolutions to problems and changes in behavior.  These are the moments when the Universe steps in and gives us the answers (ironically to what we are actually worrying about and blocking).  The Universe give us LIGHT!  However, we must first slowly recapture our energy from the black hole to allow the Universe to do its thang!


The What:  Here are 3 exercises to try to silence your mind and regain lost power.  They are quite amazing.  Also, keep in mind that these are something that needs to be practiced over and over again.  Once you do more of it, the easier it becomes to reclaim your power and not allow it to be taken ever again.  Magic also starts happening a lot more frequently because you will be able to hear what the Universe is trying to tell you. 

The How:

1. Balloon Popping:  This is major!  I use this one the most.  So, let us begin.  When I worry, say about money, my mind travels down this path, “where am I going to get money, how will I pay for x, I won’t be able to do y, I’m going to have to move back home, I will be a failure.., etc.”  Each one of those worries is a balloon which sucks energy from the reality of the Now. None of those balloons actually exist.  It is your job to recognize when you are creating the balloons, pop them and reclaim your energy.  It actually works.  Here are the steps:

1. Acknowledge immediately when you are creating balloons.  This is the very first and most important step. Catch yourself when your mind is slipping into the black hole of needless thought.

2.  Once you caught yourself, allow your mind to gather more balloons. Let it wander down the non-existent path.  The more balloons you know exist, the easier they are to pop.  Why stop at one when you can knock out 20. With my example above, I could have created many more balloons by allowing all my fears to surface.  Just make sure you don’t judge while you do this.  Allow all thoughts to come up, without judgment. It is not our job to say these are good or bad thoughts.  The point is to allow the fears to rise, see them and destroy them.  

3.  Next, feel the balloons. It’s one thing to say the balloons exist but it is another to actually feel them (without judgment).  Ex: “I will be a failure” balloon makes my chest tight.  Acknowledging it is the key.  FEELING is key.  This is the secret ingredient.  You must acknowledge the pain exists, allow it to surface and own it.  Do not suppress it, FEEL IT!

4.  Once you go through that, you DESTROY. You command the power back.  I say the following command, “NO, these thoughts are not real. These are just feelings.  I am an energetic being and I command my power back to me.” Or something like that.  The final key is to tell the Universe you know this is not real and it’s time to reclaim the energy.  AND THEN WITNESS the energy return to you.  This is also very important.  Let your imagination run wild.  When you reclaim your energy there must be some visual witnessing of it returning back to you. Reclaim that energy! You brought the pimple to the surface, waited for the whitehead, now pop that evil bastard. It’s the exact same thing with the balloons.  

A note:  You can visualize it differently if you like.  You can imagine the initial balloon (fear) growing and claiming the other balloons that are on the path.  So, in the end you have one giant balloon that you can pop and reclaim all that energy at once!  Also, there will be days you have to pop all day long.  Don’t give up.  It’s worth acknowledging your pain and reclaiming your energy.  It is a valuable tool.

2. The inner-self:  This method is fantastic.  The moment you acknowledge you are slipping into the black hole of the mind, stop whatever you are doing and breathe. Breathe at least 3 deep breaths and then simply sit with yourself.  Sit silently and turn your thoughts inward and feel the inner workings of your body.  Feel where there is tightness, pain, tingles, whatever! Just feel what is going on with your body.  Focus on your tongue and how wet it is. Focus on how full your belly is/isn’t.  The key is to focus the energy inward.  This is a way to reclaim your power by bringing all your energy to the NOW in a focused and energized way.  It’s very effective. Breathe and focus inward. It’s nice for meditation too.  

3.  Scream!!!  Another simple method.  There are days you just have to scream. So scream!  I mean it, scream until you have nothing left.  If you live with other people, grab a pillow and scream into that. This is so effective because a lot of us never get to do it anymore.  This is a release. We have to release!  This is a way, again, to reclaim power. By bringing it to the surface, the pain, anger, guilt, etc., you release it from your system. It’s amazing how once we release, we can return to a balanced state and allow life’s answers to gently fall into place.  I have become very good friends with my pillow.  

The Why:  It comes down to simply stopping your mind from giving your energy away to needless thoughts.  Don’t get caught in the black hole. There is no light.  It is exhausting and never creates a solution.  Not only is it important to silent the mind but to reclaim any lost power.  To reclaim it, there are some rules we just can’t escape.  1. You must acknowledge it 2. You must feel it  3.  You must call it out and reclaim it  and 4. You must witness the return.  The more you do it, the easier it will get. 

Well, that’s it for today, I have a date with my pillow.