“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.” 

- Steve Maraboli

Your body rocks! I’m just going to say it, it rocks.  I don’t care what shape, size or form it is, it rocks! (See post 10).  It is a badass, breathing, energetic explosion, conscious, digesting, 70 trillion cell, butt kicking, beast!!! The body should be worshiped…”your body is a temple.”  And yet, we HATE IT!!! Well, not all of us but a sizable chunk do.  That’s because we believe our body is unworthy!  Well, to that I say, ENOUGH!  

This syndrome of body image is a weee bit ridiculous.  The majority of us do not have “perfect” bodies.  Yet, that is the standard we are holding ourselves to.  Ummm??? Huh?  It’s just so counterintuitive that it blows my mind.  It’s like a one-eyed man telling the world we aren’t as attractive with two eyes so we poke the other eye out.  Insanity, right!  We are poking our eyes out just because someone says so. There is absolutely no basis for it.  I don’t want to poke my eye out anymore. I like two eyes. I was designed to have two eyes.  Mine are blue with specks of gray. Bridget’s are piercing green. My boss has vibrant brown eyes.  Are any of those better than the others? No!  Well, then why in God’s name are our bodies any different?  Love your insanely beautiful body!!!

So, do I need to eat healthy and workout?  OF COURSE!  But, here’s the secret…do it because you love yourself!  Ahhh, the number one rule…again!  I don’t care if your workout is walking around the block, or doing the push-up, squat, sit-up set I mentioned earlier.  There has to be stimulation to your beautiful instrument.  It must be taken care of properly. And as for diet, eat right.  Eating right doesn’t mean a carrot, a big gulp of air and three big whiffs of chocolate cake candle.  Eat food that you want to.  The key is you to do it because you truly want to!  I cannot stress this enough.  In order for long term gains to your body being a smooth running beast, everything done to it must be out of love, not obligation.  Please take a look at your diet and workout routine and see if it needs tweaking with love.  Love is sustainable.  Love has magical effects to the body that will outweigh any workout or diet done out of self-judgment.

Take pride in your body.  Never hate it.  Never.  If your body is just not working for you in it’s proper state, cool. LOVE IT so much that you want to get it in a state that helps you move through life with grace and ease.  That’s it.  DO NOT DO CHANGE IT BECAUSE YOU FEEL ASHAMED! 

THE QUICK AND DIRTY TASK:  Love that beautiful bod!

The What:  We do way too much in this life out of obligation.  Everything must be done out of love.  I am going to introduce three ways to help shift our body image.  These are very powerful. 

The How: 

1.  Love thy baby:  We send out energy vibrations to people all the time. That’s nothing new.  Let’s go a step further and imagine that our born and unborn children could pick up those energy vibrations we send out.  In terms of body issues, I would never want my kids to feel those negative vibrations.  I want them to be proud and secure in their own skin.  I want my girls to grow up loving their bodies (I know I’m having all girls, none of which will ever be allowed to date or leave the house).  Now, imagine our children having the exact body as us. WE WOULD ADORE IT! We would love our children no matter what they looked like.  And now let’s get crazy and imagine if our children loved their bodies!!!  How proud would we be? Be proud! BE PROUD!  They don’t have our pain! Give them the gift of loving their bodies.  Love your body and send the vibrations out.  The minute you feel judgment, shift it to self-love.  Do it for them!  

2.  The perfect imperfection:  What if we lived in a society where “imperfections,” were actually considered perfections?  Well, if you want to, start today!  This world is merely an expression of how we choose to experience it (yes, that’s a whole post in itself).  I’ll say again, the world is merely an expression of how we choose to experience it.  Whatever we consider imperfect about our bodies, we must now choose to start looking as perfect.  And, that’s because THEY ARE!  There are no mistakes about our bodies.  Who are these judgers to tell me that my love handles aren’t sexy.  Let’s never allow judgments to dictate our body image again.  

3.  Remember, you are at the spiritual gym:  This will be a challenge at times, but it is simple.  This is just a simple shift of perspective.  I’m not asking you to become someone else.  In fact, I’M ASKING YOU TO BECOME YOU!  The minute you feel you are giving your power away, take it back, RECLAIM IT, and use it for empowerment.  I’m serious.  My acting teacher had a great quote, he said, “we spend 70% of the time worrying, and about 30% doing.”  Take that 70% of worrying/judgment and put it into doing. DO!  

The Why:  Love what you eat, love your workout, love yourself.  That’s it. Nothing in life can be done as an obligation.  It goes against the magic. Trust me.  If you want to diet, diet in a way that excites you.  Diet because you love your body.  Do not diet out of fear or judgment. That goes for the workout too.  Do a workout that is fun and excites you.  Do not judge yourself if you stray from the path.  Today, I ate a cheeseburger, french fries with mayonnaise and some kind of yellow sauce of death.  Am I happy about it? You bet I am. Does my body hurt because I did this?  You bet it does.  But, I chose to do it and now I will step back on the path and continue my journey.  Love the journey and love that one amazing body we were paired with for this wacky, wonderful life.

I love you, love handles.  You sexy devils.  

Side note:  My friend highly recommends, Gabriel Code.  He meditates on his body and became healthy in incredible ways.  Here is an interview:

Check him out.