"If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment."

-Marcus Aurelius

Fear, what a bit$#.  This little bugger is the cause of more trouble than it is worth.  UNTIL NOW!!!  Here’s the thing about fear I finally realized, IT. IS. GOOD!  Que?  Yep, this wacky Universe has again given us another tool to grow in inconceivable ways.  From here on out we shall never judge fear as a foe but as a FRIEND!  Fear is FREEDOM!!! (Say in a Scottish accent like Braveheart, you know, like when he says “They may take our lives but they’ll never take our..well…you get it.)

Simply put, fear is an indicator of something within us that needs to be strengthened.  That’s it.  Boom!  It is the Universe striking at our weakest point and telling us, “you are ready, conquer this!”  We must look at these reoccurring “negative” events in our lives not as separate external phenomena but as part of a greater whole that wants us to begin the inner-healing process….or…SELF-LOVE!!! Ahhhh, there it is.  I love it.  

We need to immediately shift our judgment of fearful events. Look at fear as a gift from the Universe to regain our power and ultimately lead us to a life never thought possible.  And trust me, it is possible.  When I confront fear and pass through it, I am always blown away at the results.  And yes, I am still afraid. I don’t wake up every morning and say “I’m terrified, I’m nauseas, I’m going to fail,  HALLELUJAH!!!” No, it blows. But, I am aware it is happening for my highest possible benefit.  Fear of performing, fear of actualizing a dream, fear of moving, fear of falling in love, fear of getting hurt, fear of taking chances, FEAR tells us what we truly want!  Fear is wondrously powerful when shifted to work WITH you!

We’re just going to have to trust fear.  If we don’t, we will miss out on life. We will miss out on beautiful chances to regain our power, we will miss out on the journey and there is only the journey!  The end goal contains neither happiness nor unhappiness.  If we allow it, fear will have us focus only on the past or the future.  Remember, the end goal contains nothing! Once you receive that promotion, Academy Award, perfect spouse, huge bonus, new house, vacation, million dollars, new car, everything will NOT be ok.  They are band-aids covering up the lack of self-love. How many famous actors, CEOs, rockstars, TV personalities, politicians, have “made it” only to crumble and fail at life.  I cannot stress this enough, do not let fear be the reason you miss out on the NOW.  This is all we have.  Let fear be a guide, in the NOW, on how to live a life more powerfully.


The What:  Fear is the Universe giving us the push we need to live a more powerful NOW!  It is the showing us areas in life that need strengthening (self-love) to launch us in a new vibrational shift.

The How:  Think about this every time you fear: anytime you feel excited, love, blessed, a small miracle, the tingly vibration in your body…that’s the exact same thing as the “big successful” achievements feel like.  Our feelings don’t know what these societal definitions are, it just feels. Someone sent me a beautiful email about this blog and how it helped them.  I wept.  I did.  I felt unreal.  And you know what, it is the exact same feeling as if I won an Oscar.  My body doesn’t know the difference.  My mind does.  Society says the Oscar is better and I’ll be happier when I receive that.  Baloney! I am here to tell you that is baloney!  They are the same exact feeling.  I got to win an Oscar on a Friday morning.  I made it. I won.  This is such an important point.  We are all feeling these feelings every single day.  We cannot discount them because society says one is more valuable than the other.  Who are they to tell us how to feel and what an accomplishment is!  You’ve made it.  You have. There is nothing but the NOW. Your body is feeling all kinds of wacky stuff and it’s time to relish every single moment!!! You are living!!!  

The Why: This quote sums it up:

"To put meaning in one’s life may end in madness, but life without meaning is the torture of restlessness and vague desire."

- Edgar Lee Masters