DAY 20: I AM!

"And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you."

- Exodus 3:14

There is a change in the air!  Can you feel it?  Something is starting to shift and I for one am pumped.  I think it is now appropriate to introduce you to the two most powerful words in the Universe… I AM!!!  I AM appears in some form or another in every major religion and spiritual text. Pretty cool stuff. I AM!  Those words pack a wallop. With those words, we declare who we are to the Universe.  And you know what, the Universe is listening.  It is. Just look at how we use I AM in context of our lives and how it comes true.   I AM happy.  I AM sickly.  I AM always late.  I AM constantly getting hurt by relationships.  I AM a great artist.  As you can see, for every positive I AM, most of us have a negative I AM.  We use them without a thought or a care in the world and yet, they are the most destructive and self-serving words ever.  Here are some I AMs that I used to say about myself, I AM: poor, in debt, miserable, sick, searching for meaning, stupid, fat, weak, selfish, anxious, frightened, lost, alone and unworthy.  And wouldn’t you know, that was my life.  Don’t get me wrong, I had an incredible life but I was stuck behind all the crap that I never could see beyond the reality I created.  I embodied all of those I AMs.  

The other big cop-out is saying what you WILL and/or are GOING TO BE. It is the same thing as misusing I AM.  I am going to be an actor.  I am going to be debt-free.  I will be a better boyfriend.  I will be happier when… We are energetic vibrations created from the same material as the Universe.  I mean, that’s just science.  So, let’s start getting in sync with that vibration and begin to declare who we are in this incredible world. We are the Universe!!! 


The What:  We have a birthright to become anything we want! Since this whole wacky world is a bunch of vibrations, I sure as heck want to be connected to the vibration that makes miracles come true.  This is the “golden ticket” to freedom.  Who do you want to be today?  Say it! Proclaim it!  This is about reclaiming your power, big time!!! Also, look at how many other posts this encompasses:  Self-love, ho’oponopono, “me day,” shame, zombie apocalypse, your bio, be not afraid, Zen and the Art of Happiness, awww heck - ALL OF THEM! 

The How:  1.  Write out a list of your I AMs and read them everyday for 90 days (first thing in the morning and before sleep).  Write out any dream you have, as an I AM.  It doesn’t matter if you are or are not yet the I AM you wrote.  Write it and own it.  There will be days where you read them and feel invincible and there will be days when you don’t.  It’s ok.  We are at the Spiritual Gym now, it’s go time.   Adapt it as needed.  Do not use “I will” or “I want” or “I hope!”  Say, I AM worthy, I AM grateful, I AM a phenomenal parent, I AM a writer, I AM …..(insert dream).2.  Change your speech.  Begin to see where you minimize yourself in life with I AMs. The minute you minimize or label yourself in a negative or disempowering way, change it, immediately.  I’ve actually asked my friends to call me out on any self-deprecating talk, and they do (I think they secretly like it, they’re twisted).

The Why:  BECAUSE WE CAN.  Why would even have this ability if we weren’t meant to use it?!?! The I AM is essentially going before the Universe, it asking you what you want, and you telling it.  Make your words powerful.  I AM POWER! Never minimize yourself because you are worried about how you come off to other people.  If you are being authentic, inspired and loving (even of yourself), well, any issue they have is their own.  

This is a major tool and has to begin immediately.  Catch yourself giving away your power immediately.  This is your power.  Don’t let your words be the catalyst for you not living your dreams.  

"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark."

- Michelangelo