"Be happy for THIS moment.  THIS moment is your life."

- Omar Khayyam

Look at that lil’ laughing baby.  That’s my buddy’s daughter.  She is having the time of her life.  I actually feel better just looking at this picture. Breathe that joy in.  It’s time we all start breathing joy in!  Granted, this winter sure doesn’t make it easy but we must push through.  We’ve come so far!!! And that is why today, I declare that we take a “ME DAY!!!”

I’ve been taking “me/Bryce days” for years.  When I lived out in Los Angeles and was beginning as an actor, I would drive out to Malibu, eat at Duke’s, go to Zuma beach and then catch a movie in Calabasas Canyon. Ohhh man, I love “Bryce days.”  Most of the time I didn’t invite my brain. It had to sit out. Just pure emotion, no thinking.  It is so essential to cut loose every once in a while.  We have to find time to nurture and pamper ourselves. And guess what, this all comes under the umbrella of the NUMBER ONE RULE IN THE UNIVERSE (echo, echo, echo) SELF-LOVE!!!!  We are required by the Universe to have these days.  

Now, you may be thinking it’s impossible to do this because of your lifestyle.  To that, I say POO!  A “me day” can be any amount of time.  It can be an hour of complete self-indulgence.  Self-indulgence can be you soaking in the tub or watching your favorite TV show (unless it’s Dance Moms or Keeping Up with the Kardashians, I just can’t…OK FINE!), eating lasagna, taking a long shower, or going for a walk.  The key is, there has to be total disconnection from EVERYTHING.  You must go off the grid. No phone, no family, nothing and no one.  Just you. Also, do something you would normally not do.  If you do it already, get crazy and do something else.  

THE QUICK AND DIRTY TASK:  Take a “me day”

The What:  Again, if we plan on improving ourselves, we must take a “me day.” It must be something that you don’t do on a daily basis (most likely self-love, again). Go bathe in indulgence.  We deserve it.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just needs to be done.  When I lived in Greensburg, I used to “borrow” my mom’s car around midnight, put down all the windows, turn up the radio and drive through the farmland smelling all the incredible beauty.  That was heaven.  And, it was free…well, mom never checked the gas tank, muahaha.

The How:  Do the inspiration test.  You should ask, “does it inspire me?” If it does, do it!  Wait, you may be asking, “like if I buy a tomato will I then have to be inspired to write poetry?”  No.  I mean that anything you do in life should have a minimum level of inspiration.  It should never be forced or contrived.  I recently did this with a Batman statue.  I’m 33.  I shouldn’t be buying Batman statues, especially at this price.  But I’ll tell you what, I was INSPIRED.  I couldn’t get my mind off it. I bought it and a day hasn’t gone by that I don’t look at it and say, “You sir, are a fine looking Batman statue. I thank you dearly for being so awesome.”  There are no regrets when it comes from your soul.  I do it when I order food, see a friend, talk to someone on the subway and lastly, when I take a “BRYCE DAY.” 

The Why:  Your ”me day” has to be oozing with inspiration!  If you decide to take a bath, get some oils or light a candle that touches your heart.  If you go for a drive, do it so it clears your head and energizes you at the same time.  If you decide to buy something, buy it because you are inspired! If you watch movies all day while eating a pizza topped with ranch dressing and ice cream, make it your favorite brand of ranch dressing! It is your day.  Be inspired.  Cut your brain out for the day and live! LIVE!!!