“Once you understand how powerful you are within, you exponentially increase the power and potentiality of everything outside of you.” 

-Steve Maraboli

We are powerful creatures.  I mean, like, WOW powerful!  Yet, for some reason we love to give that power away and then inquisitively ask where our power went.  For sake of visualization (I’m a very visual learner), imagine that the human body runs at 100% capacity on 50 internal batteries.  At 100% we can live a life of unimaginable bliss.  I mean that, at 100% it is truly unimaginable.  Ok, you are probably thinking to yourself who on earth would ever willingly give those batteries away?  We all do!  

We give our batteries away to situations that do not deserve them. Welcome to the second most powerful rule of the Universe:  RECLAIM THY POWER (your batteries)!!!  We are born perfect and fully charged.  As time goes on and situations in society chip away at us, we give up our batteries.  We fuel situations that deserve none.  With our batteries, we power those situations back to life.  We voluntarily fuel: past events, judgments, self-worth, hate, fear, jealousy, body image issues, the future, pain, guilt, shame, status, “failures,” etc.  Well, I don’t know about you but I want my DAMN batteries back!  I’m done fueling this crap.  Today I regain my power!!!

With my divine batteries, I’m choosing to use them to fuel: love, kindness, artistic expression, exploration, beauty, inspiration, adventure, energy, divinity, light, Stouffer’s lasagna (I can’t help it, I love it so much), sunrises, vulnerability, etc.  So, choose today.  CHOOSE TO FUEL ONLY THAT WHICH EMPOWERS YOU!  We don’t ever have to give our batteries away.  They are our birthright.  We should be extremely selfish with them.  And keep in mind, when we are at 100% capacity, we spread love and light to the world in an unparalleled manner which will ultimately create a vibrational shift of love in the Universe.  Whoa!

THE QUICK AND DIRTY TASK: 3 tools.  (Extremely useful)

The Contract:  Vow today that you will no longer give power to anything that does not serve you.  Mark the date down and make a contract with the Universe.  Example: if body image is something you give batteries to, then make a contract that states:  ”Universe (God/Creator/Love), on February 17th, 2014, I will no longer fuel body image issues because I know they are not real unless I give power to them!” Then shift that energy into something that you do want powered.  For me it would be in my acting abilities or this blog.  So, when I find I’m fueling worry about love handles, I catch myself and immediately say, “no way Jose, SHIFT that to me improving my acting, NOW!” And it works!  Love handles never got a chance to become energized and in that moment  I reclaimed my batteries.  Why would we ever drain power from self-love (see, it always goes back to rule one)?  Try it out, “I RECLAIM MY POWER!”  Let the Universe hear your powerful roar!!

The Breadcrumbs:  This is another tool for reclaiming your batteries.  I want to be honest with you, our past will most likely always be there in some form or another.  And it should be, it is a guide to keep us moving forward.  But again it is our choice to give the past power or not.  I like to think of my past events as bread crumbs.  I know they are there but they are small, brittle and completely harmless.  I’m not denying they exist (denial is a way of giving your power away), I just choose to look at them as powerless.  And when they do pop up in my life, I blow them away without a thought or a single battery wasted.  Do this with anything that attempts to suck your power.  Shrink it to a breadcrumb and blow it away. Then take that reclaimed energy and use it on your one incredible life!!!

The Rearview Mirror:  This is brilliant and I must credit Sylvia High, a very inspirational instructor I had.  She says the past will always be there. Whether it be shame, guilt, a form of abuse, anything, it will always be an imprint in our minds.  Again, it is your choice to empower it or not.  She said when her past does come up, she likes to think of it as an image in the  rearview mirror of her car.  Acknowledge it as a reference point behind you but immediately focus on the road ahead.   If you focus too long on the image in the rearview mirror, you will crash.  Glance at it, give it no power, and continue forward with life.  It’s just like driving.  You never want to spend too much time looking in the past.  That said, if we completely removed the past (rearview mirror), we would never have a reference point and would most likely repeat the same mistake.  Use that reference point as power!  Use it to drive with complete freedom on your divine path.  

As you are seeing, life doesn’t have to hurt.  We are built to enjoy it and be powerful beautiful people.  We are meant to share and experience love in ways beyond human comprehension.  My one word of advice is this:  GET THOSE DAMN BATTERIES BACK!



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