"All life is an experiment.  The more experiments you make the better."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bryce’s Grand Experiment was supposed to begin with my short biography which would usher us into the 30 day adventure.  However, at the last minute, Bridget made me delete it.  She said it was the most self-deprecating, depressing bio she had ever read. Ummm…Pardon?  I’m not sure I heard you correctly? It was crap?!?!  I was floored and terrified that this could have actually ended up being my very first post.  Well, I did the only thing a grown man could do, I pouted and stormed off. 36 hours later and about 3 pints of Ben and Jerry’s Karamel Sutra, Half Baked, and Imagine Whirled Peace, I decided to leave the bed and rejoin society. How had I failed so miserably at writing my own biography?  And then it hit me…I hadn’t failed, ‘twas a lesson for the Grand Experiment!!! BOOM!  I get all tingly just thinking about it.  

So, here’s a true sample from my obituary, I mean bio: “…I just filmed an episode of Charmed out in LA but failed to obtain any more work and naturally started freaking out. So, I decided to go to law school down in Miami where they accepted late applications.  While there, I got shingles, battled three hurricanes, Katrina, Rita and Wilma and almost failed out the first semester.  I transferred schools and finished my degree in a dangerous part of Washington D.C. There, I clerked at the Senate Judiciary Committee and then the Department of Justice Criminal Division, but never got paid, accrued staggering debt and lived on the floor of my friend’s studio. After bouncing around from Chicago and Philadelphia, I landed in New York and became a waiter…with a law degree. I then got Mr. Pickles the ulcer and slowly fell into a pit of darkness….WELCOME TO BRYCE’S GRAND EXPERIMENT.”…Smash face off wall.

Here is the point, I negated every experience I had over the last 10 years.  I viewed it as a complete failure.  I thought I had succeeded at nothing! Of course I didn’t know about the Spiritual Gym, Snowflaking, or the Zombie Apocalypse, etc., (like the tie-ins). However, with these tools, here is how the new rewrite of my bio sounds:  I WAS ON TV!!! I lived in paradise! I had shingles…well, that still stinks.  I worked on the Hill in the Senate. I battled Colombian drug lords at the D.O.J., I spent everyday with my best friend!  I lived in L.A., Miami, D.C., Chicago, Philadelphia, NYC!  In NYC, I was a waiter and met my partner in crime, Bridget! And because of Mr. Pickles I was put on a path of energy healing and…wait for it….A VIBRATIONAL SHIFT FOR THE SOUL!

THE QUICK AND DIRTY TASK: Rewrite your biography 

The What:  Do you speak about your past negatively?  Do you diminish your power by focusing on baloney societal accomplishments?  Do you view life events as failures? I want you to really take a hard look at your life and how you view it.  It is breathtaking at how unbelievably critical we are of ourselves and how much power we lose in the process.  Every single event in our lives occurred to strengthen us to be ever more powerful. The CHOICE IS YOURS.  Look, if the old way of thinking is working for you, fantastic. But if it is not, try this.  Allow it to push you.  Do not let it be debilitating.  This is your chance to rewrite your biography and regain that POWER.  

The How:  Write out your bio and see what “failures” or negative events pop up.  Do like I did.  Dig in and see all the things you tried to do and didn’t finish, the unrealized dreams, the bad relationships etc.

And then…

Write it POSITIVELY!!!  Rewrite it as if each “failure” was a success. As if each “failure” led to some brilliant step in the right direction.  If you’re having trouble, rewrite it as if it were an adventure book and you are still living out that adventure, BECAUSE YOU ARE.  There are no failures because…we aren’t dead!  The adventure continues every single day we are alive!

The Why:  This is important: There is one thing we have successfully done 100% of the time, LIVED!  Everyone who is reading this is ALIVE. WE DID IT! And all those past events have gotten us to this point in the adventure and we still have sooooo much more to go.  WE LIVED!!! Rewrite that past as a beautiful success story because we have succeeded in living.  My God, this is a pretty freaking big deal.  We completely ignore that in this zany, crazy world we are alive!  WE ARE ALIVE!