I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.

- Michael Jordan 

We’ve been talking about some pretty powerful tools lately. Hopefully, you will use them when needed in specific situations.  There is never one right tool for a particular situation.  See what strikes you in the moment, trust it is the right choice and run with it.  The key is to use the tools to prevent succumbing to negative emotions and ruining the day.  

A few weeks ago I used three separate tools within 5 minutes. I was mad at myself for being late because the subway was delayed and I had to wait outside in the cold with no hat. Needless to say I was getting a weeee bit irritated and knew I had to start using the tools immediately or darkness would ensue.  So, let’s see how I applied them:  I was mad at myself for being late- I used the Ho’oponopono and showered myself with love.  I wanted the delayed subway to submerge into a firey pitt of… you get the idea- I used Zombie Apocalypse and was grateful there even was a subway to carry my butt around town (which came 5 min later).  I was mad because my poor bald head was exposed to the elements-  I thought of my Rental Car and how lucky I am to have a convertible which is cool and sleek in the summer.  Boom! Crisis averted and all was right with the world.

Those tools are meant to shift you into a more positive space.  It will help you to not give into the darkness.  As for tools for the body, we have breathing, stretching and now…a WORKOUT.  I struggle going to the gym. I know I am the only one who has this problem but I’m still going to share this incredibly effective workout with you.  Keep in mind, if you have a gym routine (I both commend and dislike you at the same time), stick with that. This is for people, like me, that don’t belong to a gym or don’t have time or whatever other excuse I choose for the day.  


The What:  We all know the benefits of working out -faster metabolism, more muscle, less fat, better digestion, longer life, healthy disposition…you get it.  It’s really, really, really good to workout.

The How:  One push-up, one sit-up, one squat. That’s it.  Those three exercises equal a set.  You want to do 10 sets a day.  I do this 5 times a week.  Here’s the key, do it slowly.  By slow I mean you should take between 5-10 seconds for each exercise.  You could do one push-up and take 5 seconds to get down and another 5 seconds to get back up. Please remember, when doing a squat, make sure not to let knees go over the toes.  If you can’t do a push-up, put your knees down.  If you can’t do a squat, lean straight up against the door.  You got this.

The Why:  These are compound exercises that encompass A LOT of muscles.  THESE EXERCISES ARE BEASTS!!!  Please do not complicate this like I enjoy doing.  Just get up and do 10 sets.  Mix it up. Add some lunges if you like or do 4 days of slow, a day off, and 4 days of fast.   Once you feel like you are graduating from this, start adding weights, additional exercises, running, the gym, a purple elephant, but JUST DO IT!  These three exercises do it all, so don’t be surprised if you see results.  Try doing this with Food Combining and then EXPLODE with awesomeness!