Alida's Prayer and Battle Cry!!!

Put me on a stage of any kind, let it be dim, dusty, hoof prints or foot prints soaking the sand, or the memories of them deep beneath the black boards of a black box… Let the echo’s of my soul and all the souls of those who crave freedom and release from the demons that follow them around, release into the spirit and beauty that follows them around, etching at the veins of their beings. Let this pulse bring us alive, vibrate through the fear that strangles us into believing we are nothing, and let us leave behind the need to be anything.

Let the sand soak my knees, let my face be of no importance, my physical structure be of no relevance, only the energy I can bring through me. Let it have nothing to do with me as a separate being. Let me take in their pain, like a tree would take in the poison and express it into life.

Let every cell come to life, let me feel that heat and that current ignite every breath in every inch… in a thick silence. There need be no ecstatic joy, no grandiosity or extravagant displays, no declarations of separation, no ego crying to be noticed as separate and special… let me be free in these moments from my own human tendencies and self-destructive patterns…

Let a performance explode into life with the scream of subtlety and the volume of a whisper. Let only consciousness, vulnerability and a forgiveness bleed through me in every moment, bleed through the entire ensemble as we move into a union. A Union that is like a battle cry of the heart, as indirect and inconsistently pulsing as the deepest rhythms of nature. Let us encourage others in our vulnerability, let us inspire others in our union.. and please, let us free others in our surrender. 

Bryce KennedyComment