Becoming less reactive

Reactive vs. Proactive. 

Reactive is letting external events dictate the agenda of your life. 
Ex: The weather ruined my plans. I got an email from my boss that makes me feel like shit and my day is ruined. I was invited to this thing and I don't want to go because it eats up all my time but I HAVE to go.  

Proactive is the opposite. The internal dictates how you interact with the external. It is more factually based. It is ownership. More powerful. It engages rather than waits. Let's take the examples above and look at the opposite.
Ex: It is raining, what do I want to do now? My boss emailed me, she's angry, I am going to continue living my life and deal with it when I deem appropriate. I was invited to this thing and I said no because my time is my most valuable asset.

It comes down to a choice, in every moment, of who or what is in power? 

The more we start to presence the inner landscape, the less reactive we are. The more we become. The limits we break. 



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