Where is your mind? Right now.

We all react. Completely normal. To a partner. A boss. A situation. A result. A word. A look. 

We react. It makes sense. It is our primal nature. A lion! Fear. Adrenaline. Run!

These instincts are us. The problem is that they are being triggered all of the time. Our nervous systems can't distinguish between an "urgent project" from work and the threat of a lion. We go straight into reaction. 

And since we are reacting all of the time, we have a tendency to be triggered more than ever. This ever present low level fear. Anxiety. Life in peril. Waiting. Watching. Anticipating the next threat. 

This is extremely destructive. It means we are never truly present. We are always projecting into the future. There is no NOW. There is rarely satisfaction in the moment. 

What do we do? 

At some level we must surrender to the present. It may not be comfortable. It may feel unsafe. It may feel unproductive. But, engaging the now and fully participating in it is one of the most powerful things we can do. 

It requires patience. Persistence. A level of responsibility to you. Not to the lion. 

Should we anticipate? Sure. Should we prepare? Absolutely. But if we are always one step out of the now, then we are letting precious moments go. The lion is winning. We will always be the prey.

In fact, it has already killed. In this case, it's killed our well being. Our power. Our Truth. 

When should we change? Now. There is no other time. 

Take a few deep breaths. See what you're feeling. Drop the thoughts and stories. What is present for your in this moment? What are you seeing with your two eyes in this moment? What does your chair feel like? What do your clothes feel like? What do you feel like? Are you big and spacious? Or are you contracted? Are you hungry? Are you reacting? If so, to what? Is there a pit in your stomach? Or is there gratitude? Do you feel like something is about to come at you or are you charging forward in a decisive, present manner?

If you are looking to shift anything in your life, begin with this. It is one of the hardest things to do but one of the most rewarding. 



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