The Golden Core

The Golden Core.


This is the formula for success. It is the core to power in life. 

1. Awareness is the top of the list. Without awareness we are blind. We simply puppeted by our emotions and reactions. We don't know why we do the things we do. But if we are aware, we are in charge. We make the rules. We choose. We decide. Awareness is essential. 

2. Acceptance. This is so important. When we become aware we have a choice, accept or do not accept. If we do not accept this thing we are now aware of, usually about ourselves, we deny it. We hide it. We shame it. And we guilt it. But what if we owned it? We embodied it? We stood with it and ran no more? We become!

3. Action. The secret sauce to the formula. Without action, nothing changes. It all stays the same. One and two are useless without this. Action is what reinforces the new behaviors. The new thoughts. The new beliefs. It changes everything that we are so we can become everything that we are. 

The Golden Core is the formula for success. 



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