When them feels are a comin'

We as humans have certain qualities that are inescapable. 

We breathe. We sense. We excrete. We think. 


We feel. 

Ahh, but feeling is frowned upon. It's weak. It's useless. It's a waste of time. It doesn't advance us. 

And there are some (none of the readers here of course) that suppress these feelings. They shove them down deep, never to be seen or heard from again. 

Funny thing is that doing this is an extremely inefficient use of our resources. The amount of energy and psychological warfare we must use AGAINST ourselves to quell these feeling is astounding. 

The pisser about this all is if we could flow with our feelings and open to them we would be extremely efficient creatures. We wouldn't have the ridiculous levels of anxiety we have. We wouldn't have blinding rage that kills. We wouldn't cause massive amounts of unneeded stress on our bodies. We wouldn't succumb to deep, dark thought spirals. 

We wouldn't....(fill in the blank)

Next time them feels are a comin'

FEEL THEM! Flow with them. It is powerful to embrace the part of your that is human. It is inescapable. Might as well do it on your own terms.

Then let it pass and continue on with your day. 



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