4 minutes is all it takes.

I've started incorporating 4 minutes of gratitude into my morning routine. Most of you know how much I fight gratitude but damned if doesn't work. 

Why 4 minutes? That all I got in me. For now. 

What do I focus on?

Well, I look around and I see my meditation room. How lucky I am to have a whole room dedicated to meditative practices. Then I think about my wife. How lucky I am to have her. I look outside and it's around 6am, the sun is coming up and it's gorgeous. I open to that. And then I think how fortunate I am to have a full head of hai...full head of good brains. Intelligence. My health. 

I keep it basic. But if I allow myself to feel into just those few things, it will shift my day drastically. I for one do not want to be at the finish line thinking about my life and how I never truly valued the morning sky...that I may never see again.



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