To win in life, stop comparing

I started running a few months ago. Running ain't my thing, but I do like the competition against myself. 

I only do 24 minutes. That's with warm up and cool down. I currently run at 7.6 on the treadmill. 

By the time I'm done I am a puddle of sweat and a semblance of my former self. 

But here's what it does, it ignites something in me. Pushing beyond my limits.

Now this is a warmup for most people. Not me. And I don't care. What I love is noticing when my body says stop and I keep going. 

It builds something inside me. It starts creating a new reality. 

I start winning. And then that carries to other parts of my life. 

Now, if I decided to compare to other people, I'd be fucked. I would just see how utterly far behind I am of everyone else. And no winning would exist. 

This is why comparison is so insidious. It is useless. It is cruel. 

The competition is between you and no one else. And to tell you the truth, that is often the hardest competitor of them all. 

To win in life, stop comparing. 



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