Shall we howl?

We fear what we don't own. 

If we owned more of who we truly were, damn. Say goodbye to fear. The irrational ones especially.

We wouldn't feel anxious. We wouldn't obsess. We wouldn't hide. 

When there are unowned parts inside us, well, something has to own them. Normally unconscious patterns and beliefs that we picked up along the way do. 

Bullshit ways of being that do not serve us. 

When I take someone into these unowned parts, it can be frightening. Opening pandora's box. Ahh but that lasts but a fraction of the time spent hiding from it. 

Opening to the unowned parts is a release. A relief. And a lot of times, damn fun. 

It is untapped power. Raw. Sexy. Untouched. 

Makes we want to howl at the moon!

Fuck it, let's howl.  OWWWWWWWW!!!!!

Own the parts. Own your life.



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