The Life Calendar

Your life in weeks. This is a great idea from the blogger, Tim Urban. 

Essentially it is, well, your life in weeks. Approximated of course. 

Why do I love this? Because it is like a cold bucket of water being splashed on me while someone is burning my ass with a hot poker. Yes, all of that. 

It is a wakeup call. It is a call to action. It is a reality a lot of us don't want to look at. The inconceivable amount of time we have left. 

Now, we can take this one of two ways. 1. Freeze and freak out. or 2. Decide to live the life we want to. No excuses. No wasting time. No more bullshitting ourselves. 

That is the life calendar for me. I highly suggest you check it out and get that cold bucket of water/hot poker ready.



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