Tiny Steps To Success. My acting teacher's strategy.

When I was an actor, my acting teacher would assign us parts. In these parts we would have to develop the character. Find his mannerisms. His speech. His thoughts. On top of that we would have to find his words. Memorize them. Know them. Become them. 

This made my brain shut down. Memorizing was my Achilles heal. I was not good at it. I was never good at it. I didn't plan on being good at it. That said, it needed to be done. 

So, he had us do this exercise, he made us calculate how long it would take to embody this character, memorization and all. What was the TOTAL time? Once we had the time, say 25hrs, we then calculated how long before our next class. Say, 14 days. We would then take the number of hours in the day that were actually available and began to piece out a schedule . 

Some days we could only fit 30 minutes. Others 4 hours. It didn't matter, as long as we got that 25hrs in. The goal, no matter the size, was to get the time in. 

What was so beautiful about breaking any "enormous" task down to the smallest doable unit possible is that it became possible. 

Sure I could find 15 minutes here. 2hrs there. No problem finding 45min and then 1.5 hrs. It became manageable.

Now, if I don't do that and only focus on the total, I will fail. I will not start. But, if I break it down and begin with these individualized units, I become a success. 

If there is a place in life that is stuck, use this method. The tiny steps to success will help change everything. 



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