This is going to hurt...maybe

Stuckness is a thing. The act of being stuck. 

Stuck is a bitch. No movement one way or another. Like being sandwiched between two metal plates. Pressing and squeezing. We've all been there. In one area of our lives. 

So what is it? Well, on the other side of stuck is chaos. It is chaos that is waiting to be acknowledged. To be owned. To be stepped through. Chaos is inherent in everything. 

It is rarely comfortable. Why? Because it challenges the foundation which needs to be changed. The very thing we are resting on, our identity, is on the chopping block. 

That ain't easy. 

But it is necessary. We must evolve. We must become. We must transcend. 

Now, of course we musn't be or do any of this. You can raise your finger high and sky and say, "Fuck you world, I ain't budging." Boom. Love it. 

The only pisser with that is life has a way of finding a way to make you change. I haven't seen any exceptions to date. 

And being stuck is a perfect precursor of what is to come. Not be afraid but rather to be conscious of which way you want to go. 

Do you want to resist? Or do you want to move through? Stepping up and choosing.

Catch you on the other way or another. Muahahaha. 



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