The Art of Getting Unstuck

When you are Stuck in life, a very fast way to get out of it is to do the opposite of what  you are currently doing now. Essentially, get out of your comfort zone. 

Normally, people who are stuck start to overthink. They feel like they are spiraling. There is little to no action. Paralyzed. I mean, they're stuck. Makes sense. 

The problem is the mind that created the stuckness is the same one that is trying to get out of it. That is impossible. It is. That level of consciousness is fucked. 

So, what do we do? We do the opposite. We get out of comfort zone. We flip whatever our normal patterns are on their head. We must take action. NOT THINKING OR STRATEGIZING. That's just the same. 

The last few days I've felt stuck. Almost like an energetic constipation. So, what did I do? The thing that I knew would shake shit up, go dancing. I am not a dancer. Never been a dancer. Hate it. So I tried a form that would really shake it up, Contact Improv. This is dancing with people that you physically touch and essentially roll your body weight against in a dance of balance and surrender. Your body becomes their body.

Not. My. Comfort. Zone.

So I went, and as I sat there melting down inside, a guy came over and asked if I would like to dance. A guy.

Not. My. Comfort. Zone.

I told him this was new to me. He told me not to worry, this was the advanced class. I almost vomited.

Not. My. Comfort. Zone. 

Let's break this down. Here I was, dancing with a man. Not triggering at all... Moving my body against his trying to release and anticipate his weight through freeflow. All the while desperately trying to surrender my body to movement that was instinctual. All of which go against 38 years of normal rigid, Bryce movement. 

How long did I last? A few minutes? Maybe 30?

2 hrs. 2 hrs with this guy. Moving. Trusting. Freaking out. Trusting. Learning. Surrendering. Opening. Freaking out. Repeat. Over and over.

By the time I was done, I didn't know who I was. I bonded with this man. My body moved with his. I trusted him. I thanked him. He was so patient. So kind. He allowed me to be vulnerable and imperfect. He embraced my fears and stayed with me for 2 damn hours. 

I woke up this morning unstuck. There was no strategy. No planning. I simply knew that if I wanted to get unstuck, I would need to go where I've never gone before. I did.

Try it. Find that thing. Don't wait. Don't strategize. Don't give into the stuckness. 

Act now. 

Get unstuck.



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