The curiosity waiting...

We each have this innate curiosity. We don't always listen to it. But it's there. 

It's like a tiny voice that says, "Oh look at that, how interesting. Why don't we mosey on over and take a look. Or talk to that person. Or hop on a plane to India."

It doesn't always make sense. But it's there. 

The goal is to start picking up the breadcrumbs from this curiosity. Follow them. Let them guide you to new experiences and wonders of life. 

You may miss it 90% of the time. But it's there.

If you are feeling stuck in life, take a moment to listen. See what magic is in the background. Dying to be heard. Wanting to be explored. Ready to be ignited. 

Either way, it's your choice. But it's there. 



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