The other side of vulnerability

It's funny. I was diving into some of my shit a few weeks ago, feeling the vulnerability, the fear around it. The conditioning. 

And something popped. It opened up. The vulnerability wasn't difficult to hold anymore. It wasn't difficult to bear. 

Why? Because it changed to Freedom. 

It was such a beautiful concept. Vulnerability is freedom. 

Most think it's weakness. We think of people crying that are frail and delicate. 

But damned if I didn't feel into that scared little boy vulnerability and come out the other side as freedom. 

Why freedom though? Because when I opened up to all levels of myself, without fear, there was nothing to protect. Nothing to hide. Nothing to shame. No stories. No worries. It was 

And I was free. 

Vulnerability is the gift that keeps on giving. Dive in. See what's on the other side. 

May change your life. 



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