Communication in companies is bad

Saying what we want to say can be difficult. In fact this is one of the biggest issues I deal with in corporate coaching. 

People have something to say but because of politics, feelings, HR, etc, they can't say it. And the results are disastrous. I don't mean that facetiously.  What is happening inside companies is mind-bogglingly bad.

So how do we get people to speak to each other? Truly. 

Mediation. You need a third party that is not associated with either person in the discussion and have them mediate it. This is the answer. 

It's astounding what comes out of it. The twisted emotional and personal projections are removed from both sides and truth comes out. It happens quickly and effectively. 

And from what I've seen, the vast majority have the same goals in mind. Neither is malicious or uncaring. They simply got misaligned and let it spin out of control.

If this is something you see in your company, click the link below for O50 coaching or email me to help. It works. Big time.



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