What is your definition of yourself?

Let your life be an evolution. It does not need to be figureoutable. It does not need to make total sense. Let it evolve. Learn. Grow. Be!

I can't tell you the amount of time I have wasted in my life thinking I needed to be something other than me. Be somewhere else other than right here and now. Some preconceived bullshit idea of myself, my health, my wealth, my life.

Why are those the benchmarks? Why would another human define me? Why would I be anything but...me?

Ahh easier said than done. 

So why does it happen? Well, of course society. Yes. Easy. But it really comes from me not knowing who I am. Questioning what makes Bryce, Bryce. Creating, curating, exploring what Bryce is. 

That's the thing. I spent decades not knowing who I am. And what happened?

Someone else defined me for me. 


I let someone (society) define me simply because I didn't take responsibility in doing it myself. Harsh but true.

If you find yourself stuck, see what definitions in life you are using. Are they yours? Or are they someone else's? 

I AM! No one and no thing can touch that! Boom.



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