Whose Time Is It Anyway

Whose time is it anyway?

We are born with am allotted amount of time. Now, some of us may use it all, others not. Who knows. But it is ours. It is ours to our core. It is our inalienable right. Our time. 

And yet...we give it away so freely. Why? Why do we waste our time? It is our only currency we are born with. 

Why? Because that's what we've been taught to do. We've been taught through our schooling, religion, societal norms, etc. We've been spoonfed this idea that if we value our time we are selfish. That we are anti-social. That we don't care!

Ah, the irony. Because our time is selfish. It's all we got. 

If you find that your time is wasting away on unimportant, uninspiring, unintelligent people, places and things, stop it. Take back your time. Covet it. Own it. 

And by damned, defend it. 



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