The Addiction of Suffering

Addicted to suffering.

At some level most of us are. And so when our lives turn to suffering, it is important to acknowledge the addiction. 

A few questions I ask my clients:

1. What does suffering feel like to you?
2. Where do you feel it when it strikes?
3. What self-talk begins when it comes?
4. Is there any self-hate around it?
5. What are you getting from suffering?
6. What do you do when you begin to suffer?

And here are some of the most common responses: 

1. It feels like anger, sadness, and loss of control.
2. I feel it in my chest and my gut. Like it's crunching inward. It's heavy.
3. I fucked up again. I'm so stupid. I deserve this. Fuck the world. 
4. Yes, a lot. 
5. It makes me feel in control. Because the minute I'm not suffering, I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop. If I feel good for too long, I'll be hurt. It's just a matter of time. 
6. Binge eat. Drink. Porn. Fight. Drugs. Etc. 

Those 6 questions have just outlined a very solid diagram of what suffering is and why they do it. Then the next level is to figure out the Why. 

And the why is where the healing is. It most likely won't be conscious. Because if it was, we would have solved it already. The why is the spot that can shift lives. It's where deep levels of energy are clamped down. 

Why is the reason for the suffering. 

Find the why, end the suffering. 

I get people to the why. Unclamp. And live. If you feel called to work together, email me, I have 3 spots for this month. 



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