Fried F$%king Chicken

Fried chicken and ice cream. Sometime that's exactly what you need. 

That's the beautiful thing about having a business partner that thinks like you do. We have very similar tastes. 

We also have to be on when we are coaching people in corporate settings. We need to know the business inside and out. The problems from both sides. Then we need to dig deep into what the undercurrents are. What's being said. What's not. 

Then we need to develop a strategy. How best to deliver this information. How best to elicit it from people. How best to create a dialogue for growth and change. Careful but not too careful. Tactful but also blunt. 

It's about seeing the very best version of the person. Seeing they are at point xyz and we need to get them to point abc.

And we love it. It's the ultimate strategy game. It involves the brain. Intuition. Heart. Tough love. 

That said, there are times when you need to step out of the office, let go of the strategy, the analysis, the thinking, the people...

And get some fried fucking chicken and ice cream...unleashing the animal. Ohhh hurts so good.

Then go back to war.



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