Little Bryce, "Is it ok?"

What is bad. What is wrong. What is a sin. What is evil. What is twisted. 

Oh we know what men are not supposed to do. What women are not supposed to do. What marriage should not look like. Family. Love. 

There are rules. And if they are not followed, NOT OK.

But what happens when we want it anyway? What happens when those rules don't quite fit? What happens when they don't quite make sense? For us.

Is it ok?

Yes. It is ok. 

IT IS OK!!!!

I wish I could scream it. I wish I could scream it to the scared little Bryce who was terrified of it being "ok." Shake him and hold him and tell him to try. To fail. To break norms. To be free. To follow. To lead. To cry. To scream. To merge. To separate. To fear. To love. On his own damn terms. Not those of others.

When we start bending our will to others. Allowing them to choose. Forgoing our own judgment. Our own knowing. To rules, spoke or unspoken, conscious or unconscious, right or wrong, well, to me, 

That is not ok. 

Time to step out and deciding what is ok...for you. 




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