When history repeats

History will repeat itself over and over again, until we are ready to change. 

And this history can be painful. It can be troublesome. Hurt. Break us down. On repeat. Forever.

But once we are aware, A-HA! We can choose. We can choose in the moment to continue the repetition or move on. 

The stinker about this history is that it's familiar. We know it. It's comfortable. Even the pain. It's safe. 

And somewhere at a very unconscious level, we are choosing that pain. 

Again, when we finally become aware of these unconscious "choices," we can truly change. 

Make no mistake about it, the parts that are addicted to that pain. That history. They will fight like hell to keep the status quo. 

So how do we break through it? 

Repeat the choice of not repeating history, over and over and over again.

Then one day, poof, it's gone. And it will be at such a subtle level you may not even notice a difference. 

Funny how all of this works. 



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