The theory of the ant.

If you think about this life, it's quite funny. 

We run to and fro. Wear different clothes. On different pieces of land. Doing different jobs. Worrying and hoping for different things. 

From high above we look like ants. And if studied from this vantage point, the observer would see that we do in fact behave like ants. 

But, when down in the thick of it, EVERYTHING MATTERS!

The clothes, the land, the jobs, the worrying, the hoping. Everything is REAL. And it can be intense.

But again, from way above looking down, does it really have to be that hard? Does there need to be that struggle? 

Or, if this is all a game, can we write our own rules? Can we begin to change the narrative? Can we not take things so damn seriously?

And yet again, when we are in the trenches, unconsciously we choose NO. No we can't have those things. Simply because we've lost perspective. We can't see.

Whatever helps you see from above, do it. See what life really looks like. See these tiny ants fighting over ridiculous struggles internally and externally. 

Have compassion, of course. This was the hand we were dealt. But also begin to see where choice is available. Where YES is waiting. 

Then we shall be ants no more!



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