When things get out of whack.

It's funny, when I get all out of whack, I know that I need to get silent. 

And I get out of whack a lot. NYC seems to do that to people. Hell, life does it to people. 

Out of whack means spinning. Not consciously choosing a direction. Living in a fight or flight mode. 

It means obsessing. It means worrying. It means spiraling. It is an energetic suck. 

The cure? Silence. Stillness. Inward. 

And when we do this, ahhh, relief. The loudness subsides. There is calm. There is fortitude. There is strength. 

It's a superpower we all have. One to develop. One to play with. One to enjoy. 

The more you do it. The stronger it gets. 

Next time you find yourself in a situation that is seemingly out of control, go inward. 

Quiet. Silence. Stillness. 

And breathe. Repeat.



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