Gun to the head?

Gun to the head. What would we be capable of doing? 

For real. 

What limits would we push through? What bullshit would we cut out? How would we value time? 

What would matter? What would be worth fighting for? 

What could be let go? What could be forgiven? 

What "no" would become "yes?"

What excuse would become a possibility? 

What blame, judgment, victimization, fear, suffering, self-sabotage, injustice, would disappear? 

What power would ignite? What suppressed feeling, unstoppable force, zero fucks given attitude, "I will rip your throat out if you get in my way" mindset, would be allowed to live?

Gun to the head. What would change? 

Funny thing is that it's not the gun that will kill us.

It's the apathy. 



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