Leaning into the anger

Step 1. Acknowledge something is off. 
Step 2. Feel into the feeling of it being off. 
Step 3. Acknowledge the feeling. 
Step 4. Spread into the feeling. 
Step 5. Drop the stories associated with the feeling. 
Step 6. Own the feeling. 
Step 7. Breathe into the feeling. 
Step 8. Center yourself with this feeling. 
Step 9. Open to more of yourself through this feeling. 
Step 10. Take action. 

These are a very basic steps to getting out of difficult emotions that won't subside. It's not easy, especially if unpracticed. But it is doable. 

The feeling is a trapped energy inside yourself. It wants to be fully felt. But notice when I say feel, we don't actually act on it until step 10. Most people worry that if they feel their feelings they will act out. 

Here is an example of the process:

1. I can't stop being pissed. 
2. I feel that there is tightness in my gut.
3. It is anger. I see that this fucker is anger. 
4. I am opening to the anger. Now I am pissed at everyone in my entire life! 
(this is where most people stop because they fear their anger, but stay with me)
5. I stop blaming others and focus on the anger. 
6. I own it as mine. It is a force. It is an energy. No stories. 
7. I breathe into it to help open it up. 
8. As it spreads I move my awareness around my body, not just stuck energy in the gut. 
9. As the anger spreads I feel more whole. I feel more energized. I feel less chaotic. I've passed a threshold. 
10. I can now deal with who or what that made me angry. I am no longer explosive. I am grounded. Presenced. I am ready.

Feel it. Own it. Flow it. 



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