When you are really, really stuck

Two locomotives, pressing up against each other. Head to head. One trying to go south, the other north. And in the middle, a screeching, twisting of metal.

They are stuck. Really, really stuck.

I see this kind of "stuck" more and more in life. These opposing forces trapping people with no momentum in anyway. Merely trapped by pressures that are crushing. 

Why? Why is it different now? 

One reason is that there are no more boundaries. Boundaries of life. Of work. Of social media: the perfect life, body, job, house car. Boundaries of age: Kids, company position, having it all together. Boundaries of personal time: Emails, phone, text, news, 24/7 input. 

And so with all of these external forces piling on, what happens?

We get stuck. Really, really stuck. 

Why? Because we don't know who the hell we are anymore. We don't know what we feel. What our problems are. What are we avoiding. Are we growing? Are we challenging ourselves? Or are we simply coping?

Anxiety is out of control. 

So what do we do? 

Step 1. Boundaries. There is no easy way around it. We need boundaries. Unshakable boundaries. 

Step 2. Get to the source of who the hell you are. Again, there is no easy way around it. It could be therapy. It could be what I am a practitioner of, Inner Space Therapy. It could be coaching. It could be reiki. Mantras. Sound healing. Whatever strikes your fancy. 

But when you are stuck, the only way through, is in. 

If you feel like you are in between those two trains, feel free to reach out to me. I coach, I am a co-founder of a corporate coaching company, and I help people get unstuck through IST. 



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